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Are You Rethinking WhatsApp? 5 Reasons Why You Should!

Are You Rethinking WhatsApp? You're Not Alone Many of us use chat services like WhatsApp to send sensitive data like an eWallet PIN to love ones, account details, private and personal text. On the contrary Facebook is used to extend our social reach, meeting friends, lovers or customer care. There are oceans that separates what you do on one platform compared to the other Bottom line: In most cases the types of relationships/company you keep on both platforms; are different like fire and ice. All your close colleagues, friends and family are linked on your WhatsApp. The Chat App is closely tied to your day-to-day routines, so much so that you share very secret late night text . Let's face it! It's useful and convenient, we tend to even send highly-sensitive and interpersonal information without thinking twice. On the other hand you may access Facebook on certain occasions. You may post content but mostly browse the social media platform.