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7 Steps To Take After Ransomware Attack?

7 Steps To Take After Ransomware Attack? Why should you know what steps to take after a ransomware attack? Because when an ecryption based exploitation locks your computing systems . There won't be much time, resources and accessibility left; to go around and search for information then. When It Comes To Cybersecurity ( Is Internet Worm A Virus ). Prevention is Better, than curing the symptoms. Because not all threats are equal or easily neutralized. Some can permanent damage your reputation. While others may lead to: Bankruptcy, wrongful arrests, or even being taken as an accomplice; on an unknown crime committed on your network. Who Is This Anti-ransomware Guide For? A) Are you doing research to avoid potential cyber threats? If so I applaud you with a standing ovation; for being cybersecurity savvy . B) Are you a desparate victim? Then your feet are already close to the fire. Nevertheless help is here . Anti-rans