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Customer Care Job Scams? (Human-trafficking)

Credit: Anna Tarazevich from Pexels Customer Care Job Scams?(Human-trafficking) Customer care job scams are widespread especially now during this trying times. Feeding off the desperation of honest job seekers, is their common game. Can you imagine how many innocent girls went missing after going for a job interview? This is the "Gold Rush" period for human traffickers and cybercriminals to hide their cruel-intentions behind reputable brand names. Job Scammer List how to identify fake job offers List of fake recruitment agencies in johannesburg list of fake recruitment agencies in South Africa Share this immediately to raise awareness of human trafficking bait. A simple Ad like this distributes many new victims to Syndicate Groups. Other Learning Resources: Human traffickers : 7 ways to identify if a job listing is a hoax. Is a website fake or legit: Learn how to validate the source. 11 Ways how not knowing the risks of the internet can ea