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How Can Cyber Attacks Be Deadly?

  How Can Cyber Attacks Be Deadly? What are the consequences of cyber attacks? Once upon a time the internet helped to prevent a nuclear strike . Fast forward to now: It can kindle the flames of World War 3 . As we speak Countries are nervously preparing their cyber network defense; in anticipation of such threats. In the past they invested similar efforts on meant military defense; instead Who would thought that this powerful project is a double-edged sword. Like everything else has positives and negatives. The web has much darker consequences, if it's power falls in the wrong hands . The cyberspace has become even more deadlier than earth, sea, or air strikes. What Exactly Is Being Attacked During A Cyber Attack? In short it can be used to diminish You in just one click. Someone can post a fake video or picture about malicious conduct . 1. Privacy Exposure: Is not always about financial/credit card details. It can also be a private video, or im