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What Is The SAFEST Payment Method Online?

Photo by Jack Sparrow from Pexels What Is The SAFEST Payment Method Online? What is the safest payment method online? The most secure payment options are: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Paypal, EFT transfers, eWallets, Bitcoins, or Direct Debit. The safety Ultimately depends on the circumstances. Credit cards for instance; are considered the most secure payment method online; by popular demand. We've previously written a more detail answer to: Can banks find out who used your cretit card ? You'll be astounded at how sophisticated the financial systems became. Consumers tend to confuse the word "safest" with "perfect." Disappointingly they later discover that nothing is 100% percent perfect, not even your love-life Lost or stolen credit card fraud increased to 44.5% in 2017 - with 76.1% of fraud occurring in South Africa. Counterfeit debit card fraud decreased to 32.2%, with losses of R65. 3 million. Counterfeit credit card fraud decreased