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Why Computer Security Is Important Nowadays?

  Why Computer Security Is Important Nowadays? Computer security is important nowadays, because you tend to tell your device more secrets; than you ever tell your dearest friends. Which can openly be seen by spyware, applications or a digital intruders with unauthorised privileged access. You trust this piece of technology more than you trust your spouse or close relatives. Before you spill the beans of any given subject, problem, new development, or health related issue. You would rather look it up online. For instance ; information on an embarrassing illness, or topic online. Instead of asking your parents. You more likely to "Google Search" the query on your smartphone or computing device. Which proves the valuable secrets your search history contains. (Stay updated with the latest cybersecurity news ) Imagine a rival got access to your private images , videos or late night chats. What power would they have over you. It would be worse