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Why Do Android Phones Need Antivirus? (Best Security Tips)

Why Do Android Phones Need Antivirus? (Best Security Tips) Android Phones need Antivirus Software to support its delayed security updates coming from the central server. Making it a malicious sweet-spot for malware authors, or opportunistic viruses (stemming from software related failures). One of the many obvious vulnerabilities in Android's hides in the intimate relationship; between smart applications (on your home screen) and connecting servers. Which are easily breached by intruders because they don't ultimately eliminate third-party interferences as they wish to. Among many other common loopholes, it's highly sensitive to exploitation from harmful software. Amazingly those tiny icons (on your home screen) has much bigger back-office networks; compared to what you see on the surface. Which makes your data travel (in seconds) across many vulnerable middle-man hosting platforms; in a blink-of-an-eye. Chat apps, Appstore, banking programs, file manage