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Can SECURE Websites Give You VIRUSES?

  Can SECURE Websites Give You VIRUSES? Can secure websites give you viruses is major concern for online citizens. In short Yes it can transfer malware that even escapes a poor quality antivirus algorithm s . So both secure and unsecure meaning (HTTPS) encrypted AND unsecure (HTTP) webpages are both capable of infecting your Computer with malicious software. However secure sites are still safer than uncertified platforms. Which we'll discuss further in a bit... So in summary HTTPS is a security certificate that prevents third-parties; from violating your visitors privacy, otampering with traffic or view your customer files. It only seal (encrypt) the connection between the visitors and website. It doesn't prevent malevolent code attacks or infections. Additional Information Sources: What happens if you go into an unsecure website ? Check these thought prevoking threads, such as : Man in the Middle attacks (SSLSTRIP) and many more discussions abou

Can You Get Hacked Just By Visiting A Website?

  Can You Get Hacked Just By Visiting A Website? Yes you can get hacked by visiting a website or registering your details on unprotected platforms. An example of that is when a hacking site redirects you to an unknown destination. Which automatically install spyware, or if you willingly Download malware (hidden under free offers or something of value). Another strategy is to trick visitors out of their financial information, with false order checkout pages. They have many experienced ways to deceptively capture credit card details , or get you to click play on a fake-video. Which gives an error message, while unnoticeably backdoor Trjans install in the background. Or perhaps breach the actual hosting server to access the details of all registered subscribers. Are You Wondering: ( Is Shared Hosting Secure ?) A Few Scenarios How Sneakily It May Happen Are For Instance: Adult Video Traps: There are many lonely people who get scammed from fake adult website.