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What Happens If Your Web Host Goes Out Of Business?

  Find Some Web Designing Inspiration By This Video From Flux: 5 Amazing Websites every Designer should visit. What Happens If Your Web Host Goes Out Of Business? Your website will vanish over-night if your Web Host goes out of business. Picture the nightmare of trying to connect to your domain or login to your control panel and seeing: "Web Page Not Found?" That's the actual price you pay for making give-away discount prices the deciding factor. However you can put everything in your favour by: The Solution: Carefully consider the duration a hosting Provider has been in business, their service reputation and the amount of existing customers globally. The pointers are good indicators whether a Brand cares enough about their customers. Companies needs to generate profit to stay in business, the longer they around proves they doing something right. Because people (customers) don't stick around that long, if the business don't solve

Is Shared Hosting Secure?

  (Check Out This Educational Video From Tech Raj: Website Hacking Explained) Is Shared Hosting Secure? Shared hosting security or the lack there of, can be compared to an item belonging to many people; instead of one person. For the very reason that not every person will be as responsible as the other. Which will automatically expose the item to potential loss, damage or theft. Likewise Are The Risks Of Shared Hosting Accounts: The server, overall security level of each hosted accounts , allocated space and bandwidth. Are being equally shared between many users. Whatever technical setbacks , or loopholes affects one account on the particular server impacts the others. Let's assume your website has an additional SSL encryption ; costing you a few extra bucks. Which a fellow subscriber can't afford and he/she decides to use a vulnerable domain. This weakness may expose your secure website to the same level of hacking threats, software conflicts or h

Can You Get Hacked Just By Visiting A Website?

  Can You Get Hacked Just By Visiting A Website? Yes you can get hacked by visiting a website or registering your details on unprotected platforms. An example of that is when a hacking site redirects you to an unknown destination. Which automatically install spyware, or if you willingly Download malware (hidden under free offer or something of value). Another strategy is to trick visitors out of their financial information, with false order checkout pages. They have many experienced ways to deceptively capture credit card details , or get you to click play on a fake-video. Which gives an error message, while unnoticeably backdoor Trjans install in the background. Or perhaps breach the actual hosting server to access the details of all registered subscribers. Are You Wondering: ( Is Shared Hosting Secure ?) A Few Scenarios How Sneakily It May Happen Are For Instance: Adult Video Traps: There are many lonely people who get scammed from fake adult website. T