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Can A Credit Card Company Seize Your Property?

  Can A Credit Card Company Seize Your Property? Yes a CREDIT Card company can easily seize your property with some legal assistance. Don't fool yourself by thinking that Credit card debt is unsecure and not tied to property. Indirectly it can be just as disastrous as secure loans that are attached to your property; to recover the borrowed amount should you fail to meet the obligation. ( Learn Information Security Online and make yourself recession proof). Mortgage debt: Are taken much more seriously, because people know it may lead to seizure of their assets. While they tend to self-deceptively take unsecure credit card debt as insignificant. Ironically in one way or another the both the same. A credit card company can take you to court within 4 years of the dispute; to acquire a judgement. Which grants them legal authorization to auction your home, car or anything valuable to recover the ballooned amount of money owed. Meaning you're not only

What Affects Credit Score Negatively? (Wild Cards)

  What Affects Credit Score Negatively?(Wild Cards) There are obvious and non-obvious reasons that affects credit scores negatively . The seen records that gives poor rating are generally: Skipping payments, late payments, too many accounts, bad credit history, debt review, etc. Then you get the unseen factors like: Someone stole your identity , closing older accounts, having no credit history and job hopping much too often. ( Check Your Latest Credit Score Here !) (Can you go to jail if you can't pay your credit cards ?) Generally payment history defines your trustworthiness. But who would think that having no accounts at all; or paying up everything too soon, would have negative consequences going forward. Although that puts you in a predicament; especially if you're trying to finance a new car, secure startup capital, or house. Only to discover unexpected barriers in you way. Like You Discover: Your financial reputation is ruined by billing

Do Credit Card Frauds Get Caught?

  Check out this Do Credit Card Frauds Get Caught? Investigations usually takes a long time to finalize; before Credit Card frauds gets caught. Let's take for example an employee working for a professional bank; who secretly authorise "stolen credit cards" or leak opportunistic clues to criminals. Here's Where You ( Report Credit Card Fraud In South Africa ) Credit card fraudsters are not as dumb as you may believe. They may target specific customers and cleverly exploit certain vulnerabilities ; of a banking system. By employing an inside person to exposing all kinds of corporate secrets . Although the employer doesn't physically temper with accounts, to directly incriminate themselves. They may keep a low-profile; while disloyally leak clues to syndicates for a small cut. How Do Credit Card Thieves Get Caught? Say the employer hide his/her malicious conduct by secretly expose most suitable targets for identity theft. It may take mon

Can The Bank Track Who Used My Debit Card?

  Can The Bank Track Who Used My Debit Card? Yes sophisticated banking technologies can easily to track who used your card online or offline. But it all depends on the priority, cost and nature of the complaint. In fact it's so easy Similarly to the POSSIBILITY of tracing internet fraud , login details, device ID, IP addresses, or location information for high-profile criminal cases. If you're a key client that generously contributes to their bottom-line, your case would be considered a top priority . Let's assume they get a high-influx of similar cases in an alarmingly short period of time. Which automatically raises the red flag to urgent level. ( How Serious Is Credit Card Fraud ? ) Because it wouldn't make any business sense ; spending thousands of dollars on a measly few hundred dollar fraud complaint; due to consumer negligence . Where reimbursing the account would be more feasible. Based on the limits of their strict online safe bankin

How Does Someone Hack Your Credit Card?

How Does Someone Hack Your Credit Card? How does someone hack your credit card; without leaving a digital trail? Well accept for the high-billing statements that piles up on your doorstep. A friend once told me about his credit card experience that lead to bad debt. He said something to this effect. The Good About A Credit Card: Is after activation it puts immediate cash into your bank account. Which is a powerful feeling especially in the middle of the month when you budget runs low. The Bad About A Credit Card: Is no matter how much money it offers you, it still belongs to someone else. It practically belongs to your bank and your account is just accommodating it. The Problem: Is when you start spending it as if it's in your debit account. You tend to lose track with the reality that you have to pay it back. How Do Hackers Hack Your Credit Cards? It depends on your profile, spending habits and online activities. I written an entire post on the ways how cy