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Is Internet Worm A Virus?

Is Internet Worm A Virus? Is Internet Worm A Virus? And if not, which is more dangerous or destructive? Firstly there's a vast difference between the two, which we'll discuss below. There are many different worms examples such as: Pure worms and Mail worms. And even alarmingly more computer viruses, that keeps increasing as we speak. With no further ado. Let's quickly! Compare the Horrific; heads and horns of all three: Is Internet Worm A Virus And What's The Difference? Computer Viruses needs human intervention. While some worms like Pure worms are totally independent. Irrespective, of the final Outcome: Whether Worms or Viruses are more dominant. They both are categories of malware. Which means both forms are highly disruptive and Catastrophic! What is the difference between a computer virus and an internet virus? 1 st Viruses: Are named after biological infections, which spreads from person to person. 2 nd Worms: A generall