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What Is The Most Common Cause Of Network Threats?

What Is The Most Common Cause Of Network Threats? Reckless users are the most common cause of network threats! No matter how secure your network may be equipped; with the latest cyber defense technology. A negligent, or ignorant privileged-user can be the silver-bullet to your security encryption layers. What Can Someone Do With Your Debit Card Number ? Every multi-level protected network can easily be undermined, aside from technical hiccups, system failures or security flaw. The most vulnerable exploitations on a network or behind every data storing, communications, or processing resource; are ignorant-users. Similarly to the safest vehicle for instance; is only as secure as the driver behind the steering-wheel. (Learn: How can I tell if I have been hacked ?) That being said, the more cybersecurity conscious the users are; the safer the communication system becomes. That's why most people or organizations prefer to restrict users as much as p