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How to get a Technical support job with limited experience?

To get a call centre job with/without is probably not the only worry on your mind right now! But being unemployed is one of things that can keep you awake at night. My boss once told me: Some money is better than 'no money.' Disclaimer: This interview Tips are gathered through my personal experience.I started my call centre journey with zero call centre experience! I always research an industry before looking for employment. To avoid entering a business sector that may be retrenching anytime soon. Coronavirus outbreak or COVID 19 pandemic. Compels us to change behaviours, avoid large crowds and queues. Which increases the need for telephone communication centers, help desk services and hotlines. Why Should You Target The Cummunication Idustry in 2020? Global restrictions and laws are imposed to break the transmission chain of the outbreak. Citizens are strongly encouraged to use contact centre services instead of visiting branches, outlets or local do

What Are The Risks Of The Internet?

What Are The Risks Of The Internet? What Are The Risks Of The Internet? There are risks of the internet that goes beyond malware attacks. Computer networks are used by people and most of the time; we have to protect them from ourselves Some badware are stumbled upon by accident. While the majority of them are manufactured by well-versed remote software designers , who gone bad. This Article Is Pointed Towards Ordinary People| Who Commit Crimes Unconsciously A Quick Story: In my past 16 years of employment in the Telecommunications industry. I encountered many real life scenarios, of how rife cyber attacks are, in almost every sphere. A tapical example is when a team member got fired. Mind you; he was still considered lucky. If you compare the outcome to the gravity of his offense. Fortunately; the company let him off the hook. Since they only fired him and didn't press further charges. What You Will Learn? This article is not only positioned

10 Cyber Security Threats For Small Businesses| Which May Lead To Bankruptcy!

Harry Cunningham How To Protect Your Small Business From 10 Common Threats? Small businesses have been under the radar of criminals for many reasons. But as you can imagine; The most obvious reasons is that they continuiosly search for easier and cheaper ways to serve their customers. This makes them easy prey to remote attacks online. It also makes their customers victims to potential threats. Cybercriminals can easily cover their trails and secretly eavesdrop between the connections of businesses and customers. (Also Learn: Why old wire fraud Cybercriminals migrated to Highly Profitable Ransomware Attacks on businesses ). Is Forgetting that we use the internet to provide good service, buy, sell, advertise, research target markets, connect with customers, do online transactions, email and find reputable suppliers. The internet is a Profitable benefit for low-budget endeavors. The downside OR rather realistic side is that there are risks; th

Outdo| 13 High Profile| Computer Attacks| Easy Tips!

Martin Lopez We are the living examples of our own cybercrime vulnerabilities. The only difference is some already happened, while others are waiting to happen. There are consequences for Securing our networks and Computers, likewise are the repercussions for NOT doing any thing about it! Network and cyber attacks on individuals are more widespread than businesses. Could the High consumer attack results be the outcome of taking a backseat? There are several internet threats, which falls under more than 13 categories. However learning from the methods and behavior of such risks. Can help you stay abreast of the horrific consequences of being ignorant about the dark plots of your attackers. Ever noticed; how easily hidden agendas can turn Good relationships toxic? Well, the same applies to the Cyber networks . And the communications between: Your family members, associates, PCs, Desktops and mobile devices! Malicious people can Only benefit; from your pro

Most Recent cyber attacks on Companies| Destroys Your Professional Reputation|

Nizam Abdul Latheef Phishing threats are so widespread and are one of the most famous Cyber attacks. Which is sort of a distraction from More Lethal Network Security Violations .Most often Phishing attacks, goes hand-in-hand with Spoofing. Then you get Pharming dangers. Which are less frequently mentioned. What Is A Spoofing Threat: 1 st : Spoofing is not only limited to the digital platform, it wears several masks. It is the act of using artificial material, or tactical positions with the aim to confuse, or mislead,. For instance; if someone pretends to be (a different person), who represents a particular company, OR a member of a legislative, or governing body. With the cruel intention to get hold of personal or business information. In short Spoofing is the act of misleading people, or being mislead. Into entrusting private, propriety, sensitive OR confidential information to criminals assuming that it's a professional business/employee. What Are Pharming N