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How Safe Is It To Apply For Jobs On Indeed?

How Safe Is It To Apply For Jobs On Indeed? How do you know if an indeed job is real? Gone are the days when you could safely apply for a job without getting scammed. These days you should be educated on how to research the legitimacy of the vacancy . Not only to confirm if the position merely exist within the so called Brand. But also to verify whether the real company actually posted the Ad. Simplified job portals like Indeed who allows recruiters to conveniently list Ads online. And even take it a step further to provide a platform for free listings are often taken for granted. Predatory content contaminating the internet. Which was initially designed to make our communications easier and efficient. But as usual there are immoral people living among us, who only see the useful resource as a new tool to harm others; rather than help. Indeed Is Another Tool Created To Help Job Seekers: It also serves as a connecting bridge between employers and the most suit