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How Does A Internet Firewall Security Help In Blocking Attacks?

Credit: Pixabay Do I Need A Firewall To Protect My Company's Data? How does Firewall help in cyber security can be compared with the following incident. The situation is highly relevant to the online security AND setting boundaries for your Networks. (Are you also rethinking WhatsApp And Facebook data transfer agreement?) Picture an internet security firewall as the planet 'Jupiter.' According Astronomers: Jupiter is up to 9 times Bigger than earth, because it shields us from random flying objects in space. The heroic planet is positioned at such an angle. That it conveniently prevents asteroids or comets; from hitting the world's surface. Why do you need cyber security? Because the internet is open to the public and assign the same trust to trustworthy people as it does for criminals. And believe me not all users are honest. There is a definite balance between good and evil. How Does Firewall Help In Cyber Security? The related inc