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Why Is Some ANTIVIRUS Software Free?

Why Is Some ANTIVIRUS Software Free? Why is some Antivirus Software free and how does the company make money? It's a Powerful marketing tool to give users a feeling of the actual product before buying the full-version. It cleverly create emotional attachment and fimiliarity. We are creatures of habit and once you grow use to a certain experience. You're more likely to effortlessly buy a products, that you already have a reslationship with. And of course guiltlessly recommend it - to friends and family; without hesitation. Which affords the internet-security brand free word-of-mouth Advertising. Unpaid options are generally entry level computer security versions . However some are even better than the paid packages of inexperienced competitors. Unpaid computer protection generously gives subscribers a test drive of the actual product. Creating a burning desire for additional features that are usually hidden in the paid options.   It helps to