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What Is A MACRO Virus in Computer terms?

Alexandro David What Is A MACRO Virus in Computer terms? Are wondering "What is a Macro virus in computer terms? In short is an executable code that spreads through Microsoft documents. In others words is a file based infection, as opposed to a hardware based version. There are different types of malware in computer science and each category has a sub-category of its own. For those who don't know, malicious software is a program, that's either: Deliberately designed to harm, or damage your device, or stems out of technical errors, or are even sometimes stumbled upon by accident. Regardless its origination, the outcomes is the same. The Bottom line is that it can destroy your data, hardware or even worse your entire life. Isn't it funny how long it takes to build a reputation yet how easily it can be diminished. There are several forms of computer viruses. Similarly to various kinds of human-diseases, hence the name. Characteristically; Computer