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Is This Real Cyber Security Global Projection?

Christina Morillo from Pexels Is This Real Cyber Security Global Projection? Cyber Security Global Projection: What are some common network security vulnerabilities and threats that contributes to it? Behind every cyberattack are Rude Awakenings such as Deep Financial Damage AND the ultimate reputation destruction. External Supporting Resources: Multi Trillion Dollar Problem . The Multi Billion Dollar Industry . Additional Ten Types Of Cyber Breaches to avoid. What Can We Learn From The Cyber Security Global Projection? Corruption is everywhere, even on the internet OR cyber plane. Nodes are critical to the operations AND design of the World Wide Web; sadly some ARE dirty. Deception is easy as the Web treats all it's nodes with the same level of trust, making it a major weakness. But a Gold Rush for hackers. Hunting grounds is what the most popular network became. Benefits AND risks of the resource lives side-by-side. I DON'T Know if I can add: