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Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit South Africa

  (Must Watch) Video by Motiversity: Rich vs Poor Mindset! Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit South Africa? Can I apply for credit card blacklisted? You're most likely to get a secure credit card as oppose to unsecure in South Africa. Because security is a major factor not only in your marriages, or networks but also in finances. Blacklisted customers are already considered a high-risk by their financial reputation. So it makes business sense to require an initial Deposit, because even you wouldn't take chances with someone with a profile like you. Now would you? What Is The Difference Between An Unsecure Credit Card And A Secure Credit Card? Is the fact that you either spend your own money (with a service fee), or you spending someone else's money and pay it back later (with interest fees). The Advantages Of A Secure Credit Card: Is not that it only protects the banks unauthorised transactions , but it also protects the customer agai

Can Banks FIND Out Who Used Your CARD?

Can Banks FIND Out Who Used Your CARD? So Can Banks Find Out Who Used Your Card? Equipped with a central data security system that regulates secure card payments for businesses. This algorithmic software separates authorized from unauthorized transactions with digital precision. Intellectually deep it calculates by measurement of certain characteristics. Whether a transaction is questionable or in harmony with the rightful card holder or an ill willed stranger. Can Banks Find Out Who Used Your Card? Based on this central standards that governs secure payments according their professional requirements. Every Card maps a number of unique points to help them to tell one account/customer apart from another. In it's security efforts it stores information in documented formats such as: How Does Banks Prevent Fraudulent Credit Card Payments? Each credit/debit card is uniformed in unmatched digital traits to certify, or license someone as the allotted user. M

Can A Credit Card Company Seize Your Property?

  Can A Credit Card Company Seize Your Property? Yes a CREDIT Card company can easily seize your property with some legal assistance. Don't fool yourself by thinking that Credit card debt is unsecure and not tied to property. Indirectly it can be just as disastrous as secure loans that are attached to your property; to recover the borrowed amount should you fail to meet the obligation. ( Learn Information Security Online and make yourself recession proof). Mortgage debt: Are taken much more seriously, because people know it may lead to seizure of their assets. While they tend to self-deceptively take unsecure credit card debt as insignificant. Ironically in one way or another the both the same. A credit card company can take you to court within 4 years of the dispute; to acquire a judgement. Which grants them legal authorization to auction your home, car or anything valuable to recover the ballooned amount of money owed. Meaning you're not only

Can You Go To Jail If You Don't Pay Your Credit Cards

Can You Go To Jail If You Don't Pay Your Credit Cards? You might find false comfort in the thought that you can't go to jail if you don't pay your credit cards. While in reality you risk the chances being summoned to appear in court for more catastrophic legal procedures; such as: Your salary being garnished , your accounts being frozen, or valuable property getting seized by court order to repay the damage. You Must Read This: Can stolen debit cards be Traced ? How do credit card thieves get caught ? Is online credit card purchases as secure as it's made out to be? And regardless whether your car for example; will be valuable enough to recover the debt. You credit report will carry the bad reputation of a judgement issued on a past account. Which will compromise all your future chances of applying for loans, credit, or a housing bond. Which ultimately makes you a prisoner of your own device. That's why it's important to understand

What Affects Credit Score Negatively? (Wild Cards)

  What Affects Credit Score Negatively?(Wild Cards) There are obvious and non-obvious reasons that affects credit scores negatively . The seen records that gives poor rating are generally: Skipping payments, late payments, too many accounts, bad credit history, debt review, etc. Then you get the unseen factors like: Someone stole your identity , closing older accounts, having no credit history and job hopping much too often. ( Check Your Latest Credit Score Here !) (Can you go to jail if you can't pay your credit cards ?) Generally payment history defines your trustworthiness. But who would think that having no accounts at all; or paying up everything too soon, would have negative consequences going forward. Although that puts you in a predicament; especially if you're trying to finance a new car, secure startup capital, or house. Only to discover unexpected barriers in you way. Like You Discover: Your financial reputation is ruined by billing