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Cyber Threats| Viruses vs Worms| Which is Worse!

Ali Pazani Cyber Threats| Viruses vs Worms| Which is Worse! One of The Most Severe Cases of Malware infection, was Mydoom. If you're thinking computer viruses are the worst. Wait! Till you learn about Network Borne Worms. (Mydoom was a worm that infected over a quarter million computers. But! Before, we get too way ahead of ourselves. And weigh the damage it caused!) Let's make sure, that we're all on the same page here! Worms make their way with a crawling motion, artfully, slowly and by a devious means reducing resources. OR are network borne worms slightly different? While viruses are widespread diseases that has the potential to affect a large population of computers. Viruses Versus Worms: What Is The Difference? The problem is way Bigger than you can ever imagine. Both threats have sent governments back to the drawing board. For instance have you seen how fast technology are advancing these days. I've actually watched a news