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What To Do When Ransomware Attacks?

  What To Do When Ransomware Attacks? Those old wire fraud criminals or identity thieves has now upgraded to Ransomware Attacks . It must be the seductively high amounts of cash extortion rates that ultimately attracted them. On the flipside Companies are paddling hard to stay afloat after a ransomware wave. Especially now during this trying times, with the Pandemic and lockdown rules, which heavily adds to their already shrinking profits. (Here are Seven steps to take after a ransomware attack ) What To Do When Ransomware Attacks? Before you can even attempt to survive a ransomware attack . You should at least understand the basic characteristics of the malicious software. In short it's an ecryption based ambush. The malware spreads like a virus, locks a business out from their own computer systems , saved files, customer accounts, documents and entire network. And requires a password or decryption key to restore your access. It's a metho