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Can Antivirus Software Stop Hackers?

  Can Antivirus Software Stop Hackers? Antivirus software can't stop hackers from deceiving the user, but it can prevent a limited amount of malware related threats. Since each computer protection plan is packaged with a selected number of features. Hackers use varies other creative methods to exploit your network, software is only a fraction of them. They can breach your security or access your data through direct server attacks, network decryption methods, password guessing, packet sniffing, hardware weaknesses, etc. Malicious software tools are only a teardrop to the ocean of strategies they use. Although device security software is very important to defuse some malware disruptions. It's only a small step in your network security journey. Even a full-featured antivirus version can't stop hackers from manipulating "You" the user with phishing tactics. It can't stop your impulses from immediately reacting to an emotional pro