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How Will 5G Affect your Online Security?

How Will 5G Affect your Online Security? It's often promoted with its speed levels of up to ten times faster than 4th generation networks. Which can only bring excitement, since it paints a picture of smoother online shopping experiences , seamless gaming, and browsing. But how will 5G affect online security? Are internet security companies ready for extremely high volumes of data bursts. If in reality they already fighting hard to fully secure 4G speeds. We can only have a meaningful relationship with 5G technology if we truly understand its strengths and weaknesses; believe me they exist. 5G networks are 4G networks on steroidsare 4G networks on steroids. It's the best solution for future advancements. Only such speeds can handle the throughput requirements of the Artificial Intelligent products like the latest cars, navigation systems, smart homes, machinery and robotic inventions. But as we already learned from the latest network defe