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Shocking! Statistics Of Online Predators

Picture of teenager abducted by online predictors
Shocking! Statistics Of Online Predators

Do you know what's the problem with the statistics of online predators estimated at roughly 500,000 daily? The fact that estimations are rather inaccurate and even if they were.

Crimes are generally increases and sometimes decreases. Which is highly unlikely for criminals on the internet. Since it rises faster than the internet growth stats.

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The advantages of the internet are so generous. It even benefits sociopaths to digitally attract new victims remotely.

Since the web is open to the public, doesn't require registration, do criminal or credit checks. Online predators couldn't be happier to secretly penetrate your child's room or family remotely.

  • They can even upload fake profile picture of someone else, 10 times younger and more attractive.
  • Join Social Media to befriend specific ages groups, students or potential victims.
  • Even buy spyware somewhere on the dark web, install it on your device secretly to mirror view all your online activities.
  • Start Intriguing Conversions: Thanks to the spyware which tells him all your most intimate secrets. Giving your attacker total power to appeal to your deepest desires, entice or even track your whereabouts.

Take into consideration the popularity of the internet for educational purposes these days, social distancing regulations, your day-to-day chat habits, the amount of kids with computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and internet growth stats.

Can You See Where We're Going With This?

Ever noticed how many children between the ages 10 and 16 are even more internet savvy than their parents?

Although you seem to welcome this new development. Since it equips them better for future advancements.

The assumed to be solutions to unlock your child's success, are now becoming deadly. According to the FBI stats about online predators; as many as 50% exploitations involves kids ranging between 12 to 15 years of age.

Open Season For Pedophiles?

At least that's what child offenders think. I mean the the internet provides solutions to good and bad people. In this case, they can remotely attract, influence and capture their victims.

Now this shouldn't come as a surprise taking into account the tender age. Children are generally full of fire for new and exciting experiences, attention hungry, or somewhat more secretive; as their sense for privacy develops.

What Is A Common Goal Of Online Predators?

According to FBI reports, countless numbers of children yearly: Are either kidnapped, physical abused, violently attack, indecently exposed online or all the above and more.

The same brutal crimes you come across offline, only migrated to a new plane of existence; on the internet.

Common Goal Of Online Predators

May vary from offender to offender. Below we can brainstorm a few examples; such as:

1. Financial Gains:
Kidnappings for ransom demands, human trafficking, child online content, body part sales, and even witch craft sacrifices/medicine; very common in Africa.
2. Physical Attraction to Minors
Instead of being financial driven like the above. This type is fueled by lust. They may even spend money, and build a relationship. Before asking for private photos, videos, hookups, etc.
3. Psychotic Inclinations
This type are the not interested in money, or relationships. They are serial offenders, psychotic and,deadly. They will locate, kidnap, molest and often silence victims; to avoid getting caught.

What Is The Percentage Of Online Predators?

Calculating the predators would be a daunting tasks. Where would you begin? Do you start by counting the ones who got released from prison today or the types that are in the education industry.

Keep in mind some child offenders sits in high places or professional positions. Not every criminal has a criminal background.

According child protection services an estimation 90 percent of malicious advances directed at children happens in online chatrooms, social media, or chats apps.

Which makes sense since communication is key and without it you can't really manipulate victims. So what can be better than live chat sites?

How Do Online Predators Find Their Victims?

They find the victims on the internet, specifically in busy social sites, group discussions, forums, chat groups, membership sites, e-mail subscription services, etc.

They may attract you child with free video game offers, ebook, relationship advice, coaching opportunities or anything that may appeal to their profile target.

Develop a relationship that grows from chat, to phone calls, picture sharing and physical meetings.

It may end in blackmailing of exposing the same pictures in exchange for favours, kidnappings or even death.

How to Protect Your Yourself From Predators?

Education is key, bookmark website like this and learn about these threats.

Share Information like this page for instance; with you kids, friends or family.

Learn to validate profiles: that I will teach you in my next post. Please remember to bookmark this page or subscribe to our feeds to regularly stay updated.