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Are Cyber Security Jobs in Demand?

A picture of Cyber Security professionals sitting around a table
Are Cyber Security Jobs in Demand?

In short Yes Cyber Security Jobs are in high Demand and this is Why? Global data breaches, mass online attacks, ransomware as a service, weaknesses of internet protocols and technology advancements.

Cybersecurity Employment Growth Report Stats, Salaries, Insights, Infographic.
  • Although a Cybersecurity Master’s Degree would be an advantage in some cases. How many students can truly afford the dedicated time and effort it requires?
  • With cybercrime taking the cyber space by storm. Training experts had to come up with fast paced courses to upskill individuals.
  • With No time to waste, a new breed of cybersecurity training courses was developed.

These short courses are more niche based, practical nature, broken into smaller subcategories and stretch across a weeks. Need more information? Learn more about cyber security programs.

In the same way a new building may require long-term planning, evaluation, digging and construction effort. Likewise was the merge to the digital plane supposed to be in stages.

Thanks to the Unforseen circumstances of the global pandemic that unforgivably supercharged the relocation.

The lockdown forcefully demanded out-of-the-box methods to commerce, operate, manage and deliver. By forcing us to creatively thinking inside the box (or computer).

Cruelly pushing organizations to explore digital avenues to work remotely, faster, safer and with more efficiency.

So traditional service methods was mercilessly discarded, old-fashioned business models had facelift their ventures to the cyberspace.

Which Cybersecurity Jobs Are In High Demand?

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Professional Cybersecurity Consultants for businesses and individuals.
  • Cybersecurity Administrators, Mid and High Level Managers.
  • From Skilled Systems Engineers to general IT support staff.
Amidst The Internet Benefits Cybercriminals Showed Their Ugly Fangs:

With everybody jumping onboard to exciting futuristic benefits. Came along the wide ranges of vulnerabilities, instabilities, privacy intrusive security threats; to counter balance it.

Like For Instance:
1. Online Corporate Meetings:
The move from traditional boardrooms to video conferences, was almost inevitable. At the same time Privacy became a major concern, because home networks are generally less secure than businesses.
2. Medically Researched Information:
Became a "Gold Rush" for international hackers. Identity theft, data leaks, and ransomware immediate gained momentum.
3. Remote Work From Home:
Generally home networks are less secure than those of Companies. Because most individuals spend less on security, or don't have big network defense budgets. Which was a breeding grounds for cybersecurity breaches such as: Phishing attacks, hacking, backdoor Trojans, Middle-Man-Attacks, etc.
4. Online Shopping:
Even people who wouldn't normally use credit cards online or hated it. Had to obediently submit to their defeat, or get left behind. This opened large pools of potential victims, for seasoned Cybercriminals to feast from.

High Demand For Trained Cyber Security Professionals

According experts the internet is still a newborn baby, not even a toddler yet. So ultimately the need for computer scientist, programmers, IT professionals, technicians, internet security specialist, etc. Would have hit the job market in one way or another.

The only Difference is the sudden shift, that impatiently drove the realisation the reality home.

Fast forward to now, the mass influx of cybersecurity breaches and ever climbing statistics of internet crimes, has summoned an immediate network defense; call to arms.

Thus organizations globally, desparatly needs professional assistance, and best effort support; to strengthen their networks boundaries.

Preventing cybercrime is a continuous effort, it requires testing, probing, monitoring, suspicious behaviour detection software and analysis, etc.

As a result the Universities, Colleges, Education Academies and Certified Private Institutions has put rubber to road; attempting to fill the ever growing demand for cybersecurity staff.

Will already deepened need for certified network security professionals ever be filled? Well that's another challenge and creates other branches of opportunities shorter training programs.

The Internet is built on vulnerabilities and totally removing them is impossible. The only way to 100% avoid internet data breaches, is by totally disconnecting your computer, routers and network connections.

Which is totally out of the questions. Thus the private sector, governments, private and public sector are called to solidify their network security. Or bear the heavy financial burdens of costly cyber breaches.

This is where Your Certified Cybersecurity Skills comes in. Considering the fact that companies are tripping over their own feet; to find the right employees to help them secure their Information resources.

Read the latest headlines on how Big brand are shaken-down to empty their pockets on ransom demands. Major security breaches seeks out large, medium and small organizations. Therefore the undeniable help of Information Security Analysts to protect company computers, internal systems and networks. Is the best effort solution that we can't do without.

According annual data breache reports. The accelerated growth of consumer attacks alarmingly impacts data breach stats yearly. It clearly defines the reality that cybercriminals are wrecklessly swinging side-ways to consumer attacks from common mass attack habits.

Meaning the necessity for individual information security is surging high. Which is a double-edged sword because the same stolen logins and passwords are maliciously used on commercial grounds, businesses and online banking platforms. Long story short Cybersecurity issues are currently a day-to-day struggle for every business.

Is Cybersecurity Hard To Learn?

If you compare A cyber security degree to certificate obtained from an accelerated online programs. The degree would be more difficult, considering the duration, effort and endurance.

But each plays a beneficial role for its purpose. For instance a certificate may not require higher grade maths results, long-term commitments or complex laboratory projects.

Instead it's mainly pointed at improving your practical skills, simply to get you employed on a entry level to mid management position. Plus it's conveniently positioned to empower students with manageable short courses that are time-manageably spread over 4 to 16 weeks.

Excellent to get you easily employed in average positions, apply for promotions to better positions or simply use as a side-business undertaking like indepent technicians or white hat hackers. In Summary:

The demand for cybersecurity staff is so wide, that smaller training programs became the latest booming industry. Generally businesses spends large sums of money on research, before they invest funds into a venture. In order to reduce their risks and realistically capitalize on profits.

This is another sign for the mobilization of training services to counterbalance this growing challenge. If you carefully examine the continuous growth of cybersecurity employees.

You'll disappointingly notice the continuous efforts to fill the supply chain of skilled internet security workers are falling short. Which ultimately confirms that it the best career path to embark on, as the need for employees constantly balloons forward.