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Top rated free antivirus for windows 10

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Maria Pop
Top rated free antivirus for windows 10

Why Top rated Avast Antivirus or Free Avira Software Download? Haven't you noticed Internet Security is important these days.

Malware became more dominant intelligent and manipulative, It CAN turn your Computer against you! Your OWN devices can betray your Privacy, Spy on you or freely distribute your information, to the enemies.

Who would think that "Your" personal information, is more valuable that Gold to online Criminals. In fact we are fighting for 1's and 0's nowadays.

Best Antivirus For Windows Avast

Get a Good free antivirus to stop them, before they stop You!

Computer attacks And Cyber Risks became discussions on our dinner tables, instead of boardrooms.

It's NOT only taking away online PRIVACY, but taking over peoples lives?

Our kids are at risk even if they're indoors, from online predators, human traffickers and cybercriminas! Protect yours: See them before they see you

Credit:Avast antivirus

Free Avast Download For Windows Operating Systems

For those who don't know! Avast is a Top Rated Cyber Security Brand. That Invests a majority of their Resources; in the following:

Avast Antivirus - Features And Benefits at a Glance:
  1. Internet Privacy
  2. Online Protection
  3. Smoother Performances
This Avast Antivirus Review - will Cover details of the Free Avast Program and Also The Premier version.

Malware are getting Smarter, so employing any Antivirus that does NOT update is a major weakness. You Need The Best Antivirus Software for the job.

Avast Antivirus Software

Always focus on advancing their software. It continuously Monitor the improvement of Old viruses, while it stays ahead of the Most Destructive Viruses.

Let's Look at the New Enhancements of Free Smartphone Antivirus Download.

1. Improved Anti-Phishing Protection:
Future Ready detection browser. That proactively scans and detects 'Phishing Website' no need for additional extensions. The process is now automated, and Runs checks every 5 minutes. Allowing you Safer and more Care free browsing.
2. New Ransomware Shield:
Prior to this development. Avast Free Antivirus already protects you from ransomware. The only difference now, is that its Better. It now scans emails, files and monitors behavior.
3. New Sensitive Data Shield:
The scanner became smarter. It searches your computer system, for sensitive document. Then request authorization to protect them from preying hands. If something is detected it blocks the intruders, and send you an alert.
4. New Webcam Privacy Shield:
Securing your computer from spying malware. That takes control of your Webcam and use it to spy on you.
5. New No Registration Required:
Avast puts the customer first. They think of it this way: The time normally required to register. May leave you exposed to threats; in the process. As a solution, they Give you the opportunity to 'Download Avast Immediately' ;no registration required.

Free And Premier Ativirus Download Advantages

As you can already see this product is packed with 'Goodness.' Although the strengths are Easy to identify. There MUST be some weaknesses that Comes with it.

Advanced Online Security:A Superior feature called 'CyberCapture'. This a Super smart, accurate and cloud based system.

Instead of depending on; 'security updates' like traditional methods. This amazing resource, is a live-system that recognizes harmful files, on a "Real-time" basis.

Reports unrecognized activities to Avast Test Lab.It's NOT only limited to that, the program analyzes information, it clears false codes that hides malware, protects you against old and new/latest threats, and more.

WiFi Inspector:Advanced Wifi protection for your home. It shows you all the connecting devices, on your home wireless network.

Avast identifies weak passwords, vulnerable WiFi routers and enable but open IPv6 security layers.

NOT only limited to the above. Avast also provides you with Solutions, for the problem it detects.

Avast SafeZone Browser:There are one already, that most users are familiar with. However they have Stopped distributing it. NOT because it's faulty, BUT simply to improve it.

Now if you're using the old 'Browser.' Keep doing it, no problem. You Will get an automatic 'Update' once the upgraded version, is ready.

Web/Mail/File Shield.Purifying your web traffic, since hackers are now targeting: Https secured sites.

This feature is very powerful, since it also eliminates the chances of losing your passwords, credit card details and personal details to fake websites.

I have previously written of this amazing quality. On an Avast Antivirus overview topic. Hence, I will not dwell much on it for now.

Real Site:Most internet banking fraud scenarios; involves redirecting users to a fake website. These fake sites looks identical; to your online banking platform.

In most cases users are directed to the part. Where you have to enter your; login details. In this manner criminals captures your details, and diminish your bank balance.

Real Site:Secures your DNS server. Removing the possibility to divert your connection; from its intended destination. It also ensure end-to-end security, and eliminates fake-website connections.

Hardened Mode:This helps you to distinguish between: Good, Bad, or unknown files. You can actually fine-tune it to only choose 'good files'. Then it automatically avoid bad and unknown files.

Mode Settings:You can EASILY manage this setting as you please.

  • By selecting Moderate; it will only stop - files goes through CyberCapter.
  • Aggressive will block all low rated application.

This high quality feature automatically research among hundreds of comparisons. The credibility and reputation of Trusted, or Untrusted applications.

Now all of this happens in the background. Without interrupting your online activities or speed.

Hardened mode informs you if an application is risky, etc.

Sandbox:Is a feature on the Premier Antivirus Platform. Allowing to run files on a secured.

Avoiding chances of getting infected on malware infected files. While enjoying smooth operations on your PC.

Firewall Protection:If you're thinking that Windows firewall is good. The Avast Firewall is even More Powerful, it allows you more control on settings.

It also runs crowd-sourced data from over '4 hundred millions' users globally.

Light On System Resources:Apart from protecting your digital lifestyle. The Avast antivirus improves your computer speed. Unlike, competitors that slows your internet speeds. While scanning, etc.

  • User Friendly Interface: Very simplified with no Complexity.
  • Avast Antivirus Updates: Apart from the resourceful cloud. The systems sends daily updates; as well.
  • Software Updater: Does all the updates, for you. Updates is important; yet annoying, time consuming, and equally risky if NOT done. Since outdated software results in security weaknesses, that hackers takes advantage of.
  • Game Mode: Reduces interferences, or Annoying Alerts while gaming. It also reduces lagging applications, that may be slowing your; HD gaming experiences.
  • Passive Mode: Ideal if you're using more that one antivirus, without conflicting. Most high-end users has two antiviruses. One captures threats, that the other might miss.
  • Password Privacy: Extra security encryptions, safe storage and management tools for your: Computer, Android Gadgets, etc.
  • Data Shredder: Known fact; Deleted files can be recovered from your hard drive. The premier Avast encrypts erased data. This makes it impossible to retrieve it from hard drives.
  • Privacy Detection Applications: Secured you from advertisers softwares and tools that extract your data secretly for marketing purposes.
  • Anti-Spam: Spam is dangerous and can lead to malware infection. It overcrowds your mailbox and is annoying! You can adjust how 'strict' your spam control should be.
  • Avast Online Security:Has multiple browser plug ins. To stop tracking softwares from stalking you and much more.
The Avast Antivirus Download - Disadvantages:

    The abilities to Enable and Disable features; as you please. CAN lead to many other self inflicted vulnerabilities.

    The Free Avast Antivirus Download is Good with Anti-phishing, Ransomware, etc.

    However, it is very basic and limited compared to the Premiere.

The Verdict:The free Antivirus is good and better than no security. But in order to ensure the full house safety benefits. You have to Go Premium.

Another bonus is the no registration download offer. Besides, risking your 'Personal Information.' Is more expensive than any Premium fee. Is it NOT So?