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Why Is Some ANTIVIRUS Software Free?

Why Is Some ANTIVIRUS Software Free picture
Why Is Some ANTIVIRUS Software Free?

Why is some Antivirus Software free and how does the company make money? It's a Powerful marketing tool to give users a feeling of the actual product before buying the full-version. It cleverly create emotional attachment and fimiliarity. We are creatures of habit and once you grow use to a certain experience.

You're more likely to effortlessly buy a products, that you already have a reslationship with. And of course guiltlessly recommend it - to friends and family; without hesitation. Which affords the internet-security brand free word-of-mouth Advertising.

Unpaid options are generally entry level computer security versions. However some are even better than the paid packages of inexperienced competitors.

Unpaid computer protection generously gives subscribers a test drive of the actual product.

Creating a burning desire for additional features that are usually hidden in the paid options.


It helps to create brand awareness and user-experience for potential customer reviews.

  1. Propel sales conversions because some savvy shoppers may want to try it first; before committing.
  2. Create future sales: You may not have money for a full-featured paid antivirus now, but will consider it later as your financial situation improves.
  3. Create Trust: People buy products they trust and free packages provides a foundation for that.
  4. Confidence: It proves that the brand has nothing to hide and establishes their conviction promotional claims. Likewise does it make the buyer confident on their selection.

There are many more benefits of non obligation offers. Like the common notion of giving before receiving. To create a sense of transparency.

Plus you get to give the free users a feeling of attachment to a good experience. Which ultimately translates to potential upgrades, when the trial period expires.

People are creatures of habit and relationships. Giving them foreplay, triggers their impulses for extra features.

Which the Premium versions conveniently provides; can be an irresistible sales-magnet.

What's the difference between free and paid antivirus?

The unpaid antivirus are used as bait, it provides average protect but may lack the most important traits.

While the paid program will be belted with all the good stuff. Examples such as 24/7 support, fraud monitoring, internet speed enhancement, etc.

How does free antivirus make money?

Free is generally less resourcesful or equipped than paid antivirus. Although it may be better than most competitors paid versions; in some cases.

It's still a teaser compared to the real thing; which is generally the Premium options.

Premium packages are better equipped: The features, advantages and benefits are made more desirable. Which leaves the user drooling for an almost immediate upgrade.

Are Free antivirus programs any good?

Whether free antivirus is good for you depends on your online-habits, the available features and if it fits your profile. Different companies may provide different features.

The decided factor rests upon whether the product vibrates with your duties or activities. For instance! It won't do you any good if the product for don't provide social-media scanning and you're a regular social surfer.

In most cases it's considered basic or entry level security; compared to paid predecessors. They're commonly pack a punch.

Especially if it's from reputable brands like Avast, Avira, etc. Learn how does computer antivirus works to make better internet security decisions. I hope this you to understand:

Why is some Antivirus Software is free? As explained above it could be a marketing strategy, or give the product the opportunity to sell itself. If the developers are sure they created a good quality product. They won't be afraid to confidently offer you a free trial, because they're confident you will fall in love and upgrade to paid versions with better features.