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What is Computer Programming LANGUAGE and Examples?

What is Computer Programming Language and Examples Picture
What is Computer Programming LANGUAGE and Examples?

Computer language is the fore runners in our technology driven society. It's growth are even more propelled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) demands. Considering smart autonomous advancements. Here's a more detailed explanation of computer programming with examples.

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On a negative note malicious software are examples of how destructive computer languages can be; if It's used with wrong intentions.

Malicious Payloads Is A Negative Instruction:

Well at least for the victim it's harmful, but the sender reaps the rewards or so they think.

Learning from their payload or in other words "what the computer virus is told to do"can improve our cybersecurity insight and provide a better outlook; amidst this dark times.

Imagine the programs designed to carry out day-to-day tasks on our devices are built with security at its core?

App for short which is actually a computer program, or smart device program are commonly targeted by viruses, Trojans, rootkits or other forms of malware.

Because they're the major drivers behind your online activities. Without the correct specifications your computing device is useless.

Although your operating system is an important resource in your computer itself. It needs the support of specific applications to allow it to perform certain functions like procces words or play media.

Grouped Applications

Such the categories open-source, utility software, proprietary, and projects. Could be built-in your computer system's software or in some cases packaged as individual add-ons separately.

The fact that it's coded as proprietary, open-source, or projects from certified Brands makes it safe. It positions them as the people responsible for any information cracks.

Their reputations backs the program which automatically propels their efforts to make their customers a key priority.

Even apps built for mobile platforms are certified and accredited by professional bodies to ensure data integrity.

Computer Vulnerabilities:

There are many weaknesses that may stem from poorly written computer programs.

Don't get me wrong computer languages; is important since it tells a computer what functions to perform.

However if these little programs are complicated to express efficiently. It can generously open doors to large volumes of vulnerabilities.

What is Computer Programming Language and Examples?

The English letters you type on your keyboards are interpreted in a code language to computer.

Your desktop only understands binary codes ( combinations 1s and 0s). Every keystroke or command is therefore translated into binary codes.

Types Of Computer Languages In Simple Words For Beginners:

1. Command Language:

Everytime you start a new activity like browsing, open file or perform any given task on your pc.

This is where the most needed command language comes into play. Without it your computer is pretty much actionless.

2. Configuration Language:

This language helps you to configure your wireless rrouters printers or write configuration Instructions.

Without this language it would be impossible to successfully connect extension devices efficiently.

3. Programming Language:

Is much needed to communicate formal instructions. You use this as a medium to include new programs, or setting specific rules.

4. Is HTML Coding Language:

No it's a Mark Up languages used for structuring and formatting your blog post. For instance: HTML is popularly used on web applications like Blogspot; although it's not only limited to the platform. It's still a good place to improve and successfully learn hands on Markup Languages.

It's commonly used to uniquely craft neat online written text like. You can also learn how Cybercriminals use it for cross site script attacks in terms of their continuous efforts for online privacy invasions.

However it's a Markup language to give specific instructions on format, structure and appearance.

5. Style Sheet Language:

Crucial for designing the appearance of websites. Especially useful in web applications; again like blogger (blogspot) from Google for instance. A style sheet example is CSS.

The program language expresses direct instructions on the presentation and structure of the webpage.

6. Construction Language

Helps the end-user to specify or communicate a problem to the computer system, delegating it find a solution.

7. Modeling Language:

This program or language is used in computers specifications and architecture. It's used to give instructions on information and knowledge.

8. Hardware Description Language:

Is used to direct and construct intergrated circuits. The actual output bitmap is in a higher ranking appearance of the printed page.

9. Transformation Language:

It helps to modify appearances and achieve specific sets of goals. By changing original text input to formal language output.

10. Query Language:

Is a program used to communicate simulations. It's practically a language used to query the database or information systems.

11. Specification Language:

Is to give capability instructions to systems. It communicates specific feature based instructions to a computer system, and tells it what it should do. This the basics of Computer Programming Language and Examples. Your can more details on how computing devices workhere.