Is Internet Worm A Virus?

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Is Internet Worm A Virus?

Is Internet Worm A Virus? And if not, which is more dangerous or destructive? Firstly there's a vast difference between the two, which we'll discuss below. There are many different worms examples such as: Pure worms and Mail worms. And even alarmingly more computer viruses, that keeps increasing as we speak.

With no further ado. Let's quickly! Compare the Horrific; heads and horns of all three:

Is Internet Worm A Virus And What's The Difference?

Computer Viruses needs human intervention. While some worms like Pure worms are totally independent.

Irrespective, of the final Outcome: Whether Worms or Viruses are more dominant. They both are categories of malware. Which means both forms are highly disruptive and Catastrophic!

What is the difference between a computer virus and an internet virus?

1stViruses:Are named after biological infections, which spreads from person to person.
2ndWorms:A generally tubular insect like creatures without a backbone (invertebrate).

Figuratively: It also means to extract information by secret means. Or to obtain information from someone, through deceptive or devious methods.

Whichever way you use the term it does not sounds good. Whether you say: "worm your way in, or out." It just sounds crooked.

The goal of this Computer Malware Attack review

Is simply to address the following:

USB Flash Drive Computer Attacks

Malware Declared Cyberwar!

  • Which of the three attacks are more DISTRUCTIVE, over a shorter period of time?
  • Which One Spreads Faster than the other?
  • Does anyone need human intervention to set if off. As oppose to automatically taking charge; by itself?
  • Can Anyone Of The Three: Destroy Large Corporations Globally; in a matter of hours?
  • Finally; which of the three forms of Badware Are More Ruthless And Unstoppable?
Let's Start By Reviewing The Pure Worm:

Known for their sinister, independent and advanced network crawling characteristics. All they need is a computer network, that aligns with their nature.

(Learn about: ransomware as a service exploitations, which are amongst the Major future threats for enterprises and home users).

No other activation methods, or help from the user is required. Beyond creating a suitable network environment.

Pure Network Worms are Independent From User Activities For Activation:

  1. They acts on their own or rather independently from detonation. Without even the slightest reliance of a specific input from the user.
  2. At ultrafast speeds and playing Ping-Pong between several desktops. At even Greater Numbers of data transmission rates.
  3. They're infamous for their signature Capabilities: Of Vacuuming Wide Area Networks; in an instant!
And If You thought Trojan Horses were Extremely Dangerous! Then Read this and BE Very Afraid! It will change your perception on a lot of MALWARE threats. Curious Already? Well, Let's Go!
Technical Speaking: The name "Virus" is a Descriptive phrase used by many users: To identify all kinds of harmful software.
To them it means any threat to program, that are highly disruptive. Which naturally spread from computer to computer; just like diseases.
Did You Know:In today's World; a wide variety of average users: Incorrectly refer to other forms of malware (Trojans, Rootkits, etc), also as viruses.
While it is the name: "Malware" that encompasses all forms of badware. Such as:
Ransomware, worms, trojan horses, rootkits, keyloggers, dialers, spyware, adware, malicious BHOs, rogue security software and other malicious programs.

Let's Compare Viruses to Mail-Worms

Not every malicious software creates multiple copies of itself. However, there are two popular types of badware; that replicates in a system. They are known to be viruses and worms.
They are not so different in behavior. At least in the eyes of the average user. But from An analytical perspective: They are miles apart in characteristics.
1stWorms:Are capable of Exhausting Wide Are Networks; in minutes. It can easily take a Giant leap; to international Computer networks. With zero to No Effort!
Not that viruses can't do the same; over extended periods! But this threat is Wayyy Bigger and much more powerful than a virus. Why? You'll find out soon! Keep reading!
Think of Mail-Worms as Super Trojan Horses; on steroids. Another advantage of worms is it spreads on autopilot (after the user activated them). Which is ultrafaster. In comparison to a Macro virus.
Pure worms are Worse than mail-worms. Because they don't need any human activation; at all (like mail-worms). Hence, they spread like wild-fire, to large quantities of users, home networks, business, ISP's, and more.
It is an automated-replicating program, that propagates through a network. An internal tormentor, or something that gnaws away at network resources.
Unapologetically, it afflicts every other system; it comes in contact with. Hence, the Devious name.
2ndViruses:On the other hand, inherited its venomous name from submicroscopic infectious organism; in humans.
Now! Its understood to be; a non-cellular structure. It consists out of a core of DNA, or RNA surrounded by a protein coat.
Biological viruses requires a living cell to replicate, and often causes disease in the host organism.
The above explanation of biological viruses. Are the most suitable description of Computer-based viruses.
Computer viruses needs a host file, attaches itself to it. Make many duplicates of itself and disrupt your computer's health.

Again Computer (Macro) Viruses Needs To Attach To A File:

Documents, script, or executable code. Then it Waits patiently! For a specific action, activity or function to trigger it. Before it goes on feverish course of action.
In its warpath it attacks every executable code, script or documents. It further spreads its wings the other computers. Ultimately, they wait for activation. Once they active, they look for other hosts to infect.

Pure Network Worms Are Amplified Forms of MALWARE:

Unlike viruses or mail-worms: Pure worms are not dependent on something else, to activate it. Pure worm is more Dominant, Darker and an Independent force.
It does not need a host to attach itself to, in order to work. Likewise they don't rely on specific activities, to unleash its destructive vengeance.
The Bottom line:Pure Worms are Capable Of More Superior Damage with zero efforts. In COMPARISON to Mail-Worms and viruses.
On the Other hand:Mail-worms are more Superior that any other virus. Why?Keep reading! You'll find out soon.

More Characteristics Of Pure Network Worms:

  1. It can intelligently propel communications activities on a network. It can send several files, documents, emails and rapidly search a network, for specific data.
  2. The most astounding part is: It does this without human involvement or help.
  3. There are also some similarities shared between; viruses and worms. Like their abilities to rapidly reproduce identical copies of itself.
  4. Once upon a time:Worms were rare and unheard of. But in Today's world: They evolved into one of the most common attacks, just like viruses.
  5. Bulk-mailing worms: Are examples of the everyday threats, that we're facing today. They're predominant in our day-to-day, online experiences.

What Are Mail-Worms?

They behave like viruses that cling to executable files. As if they need a host, which is not really the case. However, they multiply by using the email medium.
Mass-mail Worms: Also Requires Activation like Viruses:
However, they are still regarded as worms. Because they only thrive on certain computer networks.
For instance; If your network does not meet, their relevant standards. To make them work and spread in a worm like manner.

Then of course they seize to function, as the malicious vacuums; that they are. Which is not the case: With viruses that simply need a host document, and your PC to spread.
Mail worms may also attaches itself to documents, or programs just like viruses. They take advantage of email clients as a source of replication.
Distribute themselves in high volumes, to large quantities of email addresses. Which allows them to grow with ultra speed; in several networks.

Another weakness that sets them apart from "pure worms." Is that to some extend they behave like Trojans. For instance; they need to be triggered.
Generally, the person has to open the attachment (containing them). In order for mass-mailing response to go viral.

Which Makes Mailworms 90% Slower Compared To Pure Network Worms

This method hinders the automated process. Because without the input of the user, the worm becomes passive.
Irrespective of this setback: Worms still penetrates systems and grows faster than viruses. Considering that after activation they go on autopilot.
Also bearing in mind:

That the computer network, meets their catastrophic demands. And supports the most suitable networking-standards, for worms to breed.

So if your computer network does not meet the breeding requirements of worms. Then the reproducing process cannot happen. However the internet itself is a suitable place.

What Really Makes Your Network Vulnerable to Worms Attacks?

It needs the type of setup; where a single computer can access network on behalf of others; in the same network.

Meaning the work can Automatically connect, to the other computers. Install and transmit worms in them. Without the user's consent or input.

  1. It's been a long time: Since viruses enjoyed the "Lime-Light" as the most Common Villains (form of malware). And that has given us much preparation in the likes of them.
  2. Besides, the Internet is the largest network by itself. The most suitable time and environment for worms has finally dawned.
  3. Worms have claimed their dominance, and steadied their path in a rapid growth. This occurred Since 1995, when email became prevalent. Making their mark with all the Most Horrifying "Malware Catastrophes" ever since.
  4. Going forward: Its Crowned to be much more severe. So much so, it made viruses looks like "child's play." While it left trails of devastated large Companies, in its Cyber Warpath!

Well known Antivirus Companies that has been in business for almost 3 decades. Had to run back to the drawing board, roll up their sleeves and Get the hands dirty.

Mail Worms Are More Dominant And Aggressive Than Your Average Attack

It was far More Superior to the extend where it Brought Large Corporations to its knees.

A new level of Cybercrime emerged. In nature similar to a virus, yet more Independent, Bold, Provocative and intrusive.

The first Tsunami of worms was revealed. Initially when email became the means of electronic communication.

Almost as if with every Advantage comes a similar kind; of the opposite sense. The new waive of negative power, expressed its desire to punish all the recipients, on the victims email address book.

And true was it action, as it enveloped each new victims email client. Effortlessly, it embraced large quantities of global recipients. Unlike human discrimination, it equally tormented consumers, business and everyone else; in between.

As email services improved. It became even more useful, convenient and widespread for professional electronic messaging. It also came with automated mass mailing options. Which Allowed users to send high volumes of emails on autopilot.

Systematically equipped, to meet service demands and accommodate large mail lists. With all this goodies: It unknowingly prepared the most suitable environment - for worms to breed ultra faster than viruses.

Mail-Worms Have The Most Suitable Transport Mediums:

They could now securely enclosed themselves in an irresistible attachments; like a special gift.
For those who; want to avoid; opening attachments. Some worms have been recorded to be hidden in the email messages itself. They just keep getting better. As soon as you , click on the email, the rest is history.
Back to the ones packaged in attachments. You first have to open it, to set the worm off. The attachment looks like a common document, waiting to be donated.
In this case; you literally "Opened a can of Worms." Strategically, it divides itself into several portions by distributing multiple Bulk-emails; originating your email address.
Since everything appears to me normal. Little do you know: Your boss, spouse, friends, colleagues, clients and everybody else. Are graced with emails from "Yourself", of course.
This is a message that they won't forget, for the rest of their lives. The cunning and deliberate action of worms. Are aimed at weakening more than your network. But also your reputation and credibility; are at stake.
It grows even more vigorously through subversion, obstruction, disruption. And finally your mass destruction. It acts with intent to injure, interfere, and cause obstruction. Only becomes visible; in the aftermath.

How often do we open attached documents from: Our employees, colleagues, clients, etc. Without the slightest doubt/suspicion. Little would we expect that we're actually activated malware.
  1. Worms immediately takes charge; by diverting your attention. By displaying some misleading random error. It intelligently avoids detection, by concealing its true nature.
  2. Belted with such sinister behaviors. It can Easily deceive the most qualified I.T. technicians. Bear in mind, its abilities to search for your mail list or email address book.
  3. The advanced capabilities of transferring data, in a matter of seconds, to high-volumes of people. It exhaustively drains your resources, in no time.
  4. Not forgetting the control it exercises over the mass mailing functionality; in your email client. Which excessively exceeds the usual bounds of transmission limits.
A worm may even go as far as: Destroying your company operations, family, friends and your reputation with clients. Everything that encompasses email features. Examples such as reply, forward, email addresses are used in its favor.

It works overtime to put your life in jeopardy. It can cleverly rinse and repeat the entire process, in seconds. It may send multiple messages, to the same users over an extended period of time!
Not Every antivirus can stop worms. However, there are a handful who have the resources to stop worm infection. Choose your Antivirus Program cleverly.
In Conclusion:Worms are more dominant, intrusive, and replicates in faster rates that viruses. Even in this circumstances; all malware threats should not be taken lightly.
Keeping your computers, smartphones, home or business network clean; from the slightest threat. Should be your first online priority.

The benefits of the internet, email and every online medium; is undeniably rewarding. But even with the astronomical rewards its belted with.
We (the users) should use it responsibly to protect ourselves, families, businesses, clients and relationships.

Do your bit, use protection and live without regrets. So Is Internet Worm A Virus? No they're not equal, however you can prevent both with one sophisticated antimalware program.