How Google AdSense works with Blogger? (ACTUAL Case Study)

How Google AdSense works with blogger pictures
the How Google AdSense works with Blogger? (ACTUAL Case Study)

How Google AdSense works with Blogger? It's easier to direct you to blogspot and write: "how to create a free website in Google tutorial tutorials. If that's what you're looking for this free website case study is not for You!

How Google AdSense works with Blogger?

This particular business I'm writing about was built on the Blogger (Blogspot) platform. I bought a customer domain on Frikkadel in South Africa R25. I had zero additional resources like a laptop or desktop.

What Is My Strategy To Achieve My Adsense Blogspot Objectives?

The below hyperlinks will route you directly to my inspiration, guidance and blueprints.

  1. Learn a tested and proven j content plan to rank a new website with no link building.
  2. Need Inspiration? Check Out this Amazing real life Adsense website case study Moz.
  3. i
  4. Learn to create a beautiful Blogspot by using a free HTML5 handbook.
Introduction Post To An Actual Case Study Blogspot With Google Adsense

I decided to embark on this online business adventure to prove the following concept:

I intended to proactively prove that you don't need money to make money.

Just a bit of willingness to learn new skills, dedicated and a patience.

The Goal Of Free Blogger Web Hosting Service And Cheap Frikkadel Domain - Case Study.

(Need more details? Read my blogger vs free WordPress post and Frikkadel Web hosting review.

  • To Prove that you don't only need money to make money. Instead it's dedicated action that translates into profits.
  • If you serious about your goals, although you don't have capital. You'll be determine to plan your strategy and create a system that feeds itself.
  • Knowledge is power: People search Google for information. You can share you expertise, problem solving skills, advice or useful work experience. Learn to optimise your website and gain authority.
  • Targeted Traffic Is Money: Realistically your Adsense, Affiliate Offers Or Personal Product would make zero returns. Without people who visit you site.

Your Mindset Is Very Important Because Your Character Will Be Tested. If You Don't Have Startup Capital. You must creatively come up with the most feasible solutions.

How Do I Qualify for AdSense on Blogger?

Check your advisors and learn from people who done it before you. Read the Adsense policy, position your blog according their requirements.

  • If you travel to a foreign country, would to blindly figure out your way as you go, without considering the pros and cons?
  • Or would you rather buy a map and learn the local language. Even better recruit a reputable travel agency, who allocate a dedicated travel guide?

You must adapt the right mindset. Because you don't have funds to outsource work, buy top quality hosting or pay for professional content and web design.

Meaning you will have to work ten times harder. Learn to do all the above yourself, work in all the departments alone as the sole employer and commit to your plan.

There will be bad days: The most challenging times are normally in the first few months. Because you learn, work, get stuck, sacrifice your time AND have nothing to show.

You work for no pay and your family members may not respect your vision, treat you as a burden or think you're unrealistic.

Reasons Why Should South Africans Becoming Recession Prove:

1. Job Markets Are Dying Back: The political situation in SA is unstable, government are finding increasingly difficult to create jobs.

I'm not a political enthusiast or an economist. But it don't take a rocket scientist to see that any hopes for future employment are slowly fading away in our rearview mirrors.

2. The COVID19 Pandemic:

Are throwing it's full weight on an already burdened economy, plus there's not much opportunities for traditional job hunting, shopping or external travelling.

3. Some Companies Are Cutting Costs; Others Are Closing Down:

Even before the pendamic many businesses were already paddling hard, due to other impact factors.

Such as tender irregularities, insufficient business support from government, and rapidly rising inflation rates.

As a result many tried all kinds of cost saving strategies. In doing so they outsourced staff to third-party agencies.

To avoid contributing to medical aid, pension and provident funds. They also explored avenues to effectively operate with less employees.

Which ultimately snowballed extra pressure on an already shrinking job market. Imagine the dire consequences it has on struggling families.

4. Even Learnerships Are Monopolized To Disable People:

Companies are always on the lookout for tax rebates or cost cutting opportunities. And offering learnerships for disabled people only, is an excellent strategy for higher tax returns and rebates.

So where does it leave everybody else? Hoping and praying that governments would for once fulfill their job creation campaign promises. Don't let it be!

5. Where Will You Financially Be 12 Months From Now:
Like Einstein said: " The Proof of Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Everytime And Expecting Different Results.

Can I Use AdSense on Blogger?

Most zero capital online startups use Blogger (hosted on blogspot) as an solution. There are many benefits of Blogger and free hosting the of custom domains is one of them.

Meaning you can pay a once-off yearly fee for your domain, with zero monthly hosting charges from Blogspot.

Earn a healthy monthly Adsense Payout (Providing you create a useful resource), then gradually grow your business into an authority.

Blogger confirms that Big Businesses like Google, gives no-capital startups opportunities to grow micro businesses.

If you don't to anything your financial situation will not change. Likewise if you do something, one of the following will happen:

  1. You Learn New Skills: Irrespective whether you succeed in a short while or not. Regardless; You learn the ins and outs of digital marketing, gain experience and online business knowledge.
  2. You Earn Profitable Experience: Aside from your own business pursuits. You also equip yourself with: knowledge to build blog from scratch, searching engine optimisation, web design, copy writing skills
  3. Every Step Leads Closer To Success: Likewise does every day you delay, prolong your chances to succeed. Most beginners tend to remain stuck in the planning phase. Little do they know it's best to learn while acting. Just like children learn faster while playing.
Every Problem Comes With A Similar Value Of Opportunities:

Generally when the economy is bad, crime increases and similarly does opportunities to solve problems for payment.

The internet got even more busier during the Pandemic, due to social and physical distance.

People resorted to alternative online shopping, business and entertainment solutions. Criminals migrated to ransomware attacks, spyware and identity theft.


Security became a necessity due to all the external, internal and cybersecurity exploitation threats. Solving problems with your creative ideas is a solution.

Business Ideas For Startups After The Pandemic:

Don't look for brand new concepts, go for the lower hanging fruit. Research an industry, look for problems and solutions to it in the form of products.

Examples Of Potential Ideas:

Sell Your Skills: Use your past work experience. Like for instance your bookkeeping, accounting, educational, technical, mechanical, cold calling, exercising, studying or cooking skills.

In the form of online training, eBooks, affiliate marketing or an advertising platform.

How To Start A Micro Internet Based Business With Blogger:

Your goal is to spend as less as possible. Therefore host your website free of charge for life on Blogger. Here's why it's best to use Blogspot instead of free WordPress.

  • Buy a cheap professional looking domain on Frikkadel hosting that you pay yearly. Their customer support is great, they'll easily link it to your free blogger hosting account.
  • Use a free keywords tool like Jaaxy (Free 30 searches, no credit card required) or keywords everywhere.
  • Download a free HTML5 PDF which will make it easier to learn coding to beauty your Blogspot. Note: Although free WordPress offers better templates and single click plugins. They highly limit your earnings, as they don't allow Adsense to free users.
  • Create a long-term content plan schedule: Forget about earning now, first you need traffic than you can promote products or serve ads to them.
Picture The Final Outcome

Be realistic your success won't happen overnight. There will be days when you want to give up, but solve that inclination by imagining the final outcome.

Need Inspiration:
  • Here's an inspiring Adsense website case study to follow.
  • Here's another New York best seller, who teach online business.
  • This is the potential of online businesses. It's the types of blogs you want to bookmark and read if you need some inspiration or motivation.
How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online?

If you asked me this question 12 months ago. I would have unrealistically assumed 3-6 months. While with my zero experience, capital and preparation. It would have taken 1 year and 6 months.

Ask me the same question today. After months of learning, applying and gaining experience. It would really be 3 to six months, with a brand new domain.

It All Depends On Your Experience, Which You Only Gain Through Action!

Imagine the dedication you would put behind starting a small physical business. You would potentially go to college, learn for months and eventually get your qualifications after 3 years.

You Study Hard, travel during Winters to and fro:

Beyond this you sacrifice your time, money and resources. But you don't give up! Why? Because you focus on the Bigger Pictures.

And even after you qualify, you will still struggle to raise capital, find a job or obtain funding.

So apply the same attitude to online business concept.Treat every new post, website duty or delay as Business training or a learning experience.

Imagine where will you be 6 months from now, If You wrote an article everyday. How will your skills, experience, and Traffic grow; even on a free website?

Plus websites have higher earning potential than offline small businesses. And it will take less than 3 years to make a living. So what's keeping you back?