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How Does Pegasus Spyware Get On Your Phone?

How Does Pegasus Spyware Get On Your Phone picture
How Does Pegasus Spyware Get On Your Phone?

Pegasus spyware can untraceably access your mobile phone through a WhatsApp call; that you didn't even answer, suspicious link sent to your email, or through contiminated online downloads.

For those who don't know it's the latest software used to breach data and privacy security. Over 1000's of world class business leaders, activist, reporters, journalist, and politicians are already infected by the malware.

It victims are spread across 60 Countries world wide. NSO Group in Israel developed this highly sophisticated piece of software.

How does Pegasus Malware Work?

An answered or unanswered WhatsApp call is good enough for it to install itself. Unlike old spyware software that requires human intervention like for instance clicking a malicious link.

Pegasus downloads without user interactions; with its state-of-the-art 0 Click installation abilities. It's so stubborn that it even survives a factory reset, or total data wipe.

It's so lightweight that it doesn't slow your device or show any of the common symptoms and traditional spyware or malware shows.

Thereafter it has root access and takes control of your GPS to track location, camera to record your surroundings and total power over your sms, saved information, and keystrokes to track your data activities.

According the designers it was created for a good purpose but landed in the wrong hands.

Is Pegasus spyware Real?

  1. NSO Group claims Pegasus Spyware was initially designed to keep an close eye on high profile criminals.
  2. To investigate of global threats like terrorism cases.
  3. To track and avoid the evil plots and actions of notorious villains who pose a threat to society.
  4. But somehow the spyware landed in the criminals hands. Who use it for all the wrong reasons.

A typical example of such attacks is the news report of a Mexicans. Who spied on some journalist in India and Europe. After stumbling upon the ultimate privacy breach incident; by accident.

It was astoundingly found to be impossible to remove and even more difficult to detect. Can you even imagine such a deadly attack on your privacy?

Sophisticated enough to blend into your mobile software without leaving a trace. A spyware that's untraceable and up to 10 times more advanced older versions.

No current Antivirus software, firewall or mobile software updates can obstruct communication between the malware and its senders.

Unlike older spyware that had to be installed and downloaded; through phishing techniques.

Such as clicking a malicious links through your email, or downloading an infected file online hidden behind the appearance of an ebook, game or any other useful document.

It can't be detected, installs automatically with 0 Clicks and can't be uninstalled.

Features Of Pegasus

1. Installation: is easy, doesn't require any user activition. Is it's sent over the air as a phone call, download, email or directly to mobile phone.

2. 0 Click Download: Means it can be sent through a WhatsApp call that you don't have to answer or notice.

4. SMS: All your text can be clearly seen, recorded or even used by the attackers.

7. Media Files: are exposed to the third-party and your privacy is totally compromised.

8. Phone Calls: are listened into and your device literally spies on you for the attackers.

9. Keystrokes: are also recorded and viewed on real-time, which makes your device the ultimate accomplice against you.

5. Microphone: they can even use your microphone to listen in on your private meeting, secretly recording every conversation.

3. Backdoor Access: The spyware can multitask and even allow backdoor access for the attackers to use your phone or accounts as they please.

6. Camera Control: They can use your camera as a webcam or secret camera to spy on your family, day-to-day activities or whereabouts.

10. Usernames And Passwords: Your Internet banking login details, private subscriptions, membership access or mobile business activities are at their fingertips.

How Do You Remove The Pegasus Spyware Attack:

I don't like ending without a proper solution, usually I would recommend some security software but sadly in this case there is none.

So if your wondering: How does Pegasus spyware get on your phone? The above explains it the Bigger problem is to remove the malware. The only way for now is to change your simcard, buy a new mobile phone and hope that it don't get 0 Click installed again. My next post will discuss how it was initially detected, perchance it may help you to confirm whether your data is still private or violated.