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Reasons To Choose Best Hosting Provider For Your Website


Reasons To Choose Best Hosting Provider For Your Website picture

Reasons To Choose Best Hosting Provider For Your Website

Every noticed the rapid rates cyber crime is climbing? That's why TRUST is a Major factor and you should take it seriously in every relationships. Without it you can't secure your website, improve SEO ranking OR keep visitors on your platform.

You CAN'T even have a Profitable Ending with a wrong beginning. So every minutest detail of your Online Adventure should be carefully calculated.

5 Reasons To Choose Best Hosting Provider For Your Website

The MOST important factor is if the provider is a LEGIT hosting businesses. There are so many cases where cybercriminals create spoof sites to capture credit card details.

Check if the hosting company is professionally registered or a certified business. If it's Not one of the well known Brand like BlueHost, Inmotion, A2, etc.

If You Want To Cut A Tree In 4 Hours. Use 3 Hours To Sharpen You Axe! -source- unknown
1. The Hosting Company's Professional Reputation

So let's assume I already verified the originality of the Brand and they're legit.

I would go a bit further and research them on: Hello Peter,, etc. To confirm how well they treat customers or handle official complaints.

If I'm willing to many precious exhaustive hours, money, blood, sweat AND tears in an online project. I might aswell thoroughly research the hosting provider who I entrust my Valuable Resources to.

Ever heard the saying: Put Your Money Where You Mouth Is -source- unknown
2. Web Hosting Price Or Affordability

Money speaks all languages. Although it's fine to do Window Shopping without your wallet or purse.

  • Payment Options is also very important, not everybody is comfortable with using credit cards online. Therefore I look for PayPal, EFT transfers and other secure methods.
  • They may be secure but what if the customers computer has spyware or other forms of malicious infections.
  • When you serious about paying for web hosting services, you should be ABLE to confirm Affordability.
What is the most Affordable Web Hosting Service?

Can only be answered by how much you have in your pockets. Inexpensive means DIFFERENT things to Different people.

Therefore I only research Brands and web hosting packages in my budget. Besides it helps to shave down my options to only a handful of potential plans.

3. Fast Loading Speed Up To 99.9 Uptime

Your website will be your internet based business OR a potentially means for recurring income.

Good Uptime Scores AND Server Reliability:

You website's job is to impress two primary investors: Google ( Search Engines) AND online visitors.

Without TRAFFIC your blog or commercial site Ultimately fails. Meaning you suffer a good uptime scores is crucial.

  • Realistically Speaking; online customers only invest in: Speed, Simplicity And Convenience. The slower your website loads, the less they TRUST it. They may even think it's a (malware infested platform)
  • People Buy From Sites They Trust: If you think that folks on buy from folks they trust. You're wrong, the same applies to website, shops OR Companies. I'm living proof of it, as you CAN see above.
  • Fast Loading Speed Is a ranking factor. Why? Because Google provides a service to their online customers AND gives them what they prefer. As mentioned above they prefer speedy service and Security.

As you can see uptime and loading speed heavily contributes to my online success. It improves my site's search engine rank, user-experience, creates trust and increases conversions.

4. Robust Website Security

People are extremely concerned with their online privacy, and personal data. Besides I don't want to create a platform for hackers to steal my customers details.

Thus SSL certificates and all the other security bolts should cost a leg and an arm. My hosting provider should also consider my growth.

Of course they running a business And not a charity. But I prefer businesses that gives back and supports accessibility.

5. Regularly Website Backups 6. Bandwidth And Disc Space

I don't want to get locked in a money hosting trap, that only promotes cheap plans. As soon as I join them, they hit back with hidden cost or upselling strategies.

  • I love transparent business practices. Don't sell a tiny disc space for two articles that it's overloaded; forcing me to upgrade to higher packages. Be careful for forced sales methods, which many hosting providers are guilty of.
  • Bandwidth monopoly is another favourite. You think you bought a plan for a bargain, once you're in. They try to trick you with highly restricted bandwidth plans.

Upgrading to higher packages should be your choice. Of course you can't expect to pay the cheapest prices for Mega Plans.

But educate you customers in your marketing script. Openly give ideas of the true value behind the cheap offers.

Even Google noticed the hit-and-run sales methods and forced websites to offer more information with their marketing content.

7.Customer Service And Technical Support

Everybody needs assistance and since it's their hosting platform. Which they know better than anyone else.

Good customer service and fast response time matters to me more than available times of 24/7/365 days.

Even if they only work from Mondays to Fridays. I expect their support team to know their stuff. Learn More In This Hosting Review.

What Features And Measures Should Be Considered In Hosting A Website?

Let's use a real life example of one of the cheapest WordPress Hosting I used? Checkout the Frikkadel's Shared Hosting Services In South Africa For Low Capital Startups.

Their SEO and Security Benefits At A Glance:

1. Web Hosting should lightning-fast to increase website loading speeds.

Because it gives you website the advantages of providing good user-experiences and rank higher in Search Engines.

This will increase your sales traffic, conversion rates and authority.

As a result your website will eventually pay for its own monthly hosting fees.

Which Is The Cheapest Hosting For Wordpress Site?

Hosting Company like Frikkadel that invest in your success, by offering up to 10 to 20 times faster loading speed than competitors.

Which is good for SEO, as liquid fast loading speeds translates into high-volumes of traffic, increased visibility and more conversions.

2. Free Domain And SSL Certificate Included:

Some Hosting Company's like Frikkadel offers a free domain for each new subscriber.

Be sure to checkout: Their regular Discounted Hosting Promotions. Where you can easily pay give-away prices as little as R25, for special domains names that ends with: review, Joburg, Cape Town, and more.
  1. Frikkadel Hosting for instance offers four different shared hosting plans. Learn more about them here.
  2. Linux Shared hosting is one of the most affordable solutions. Meaning You can easily tap into liquid fast servers, and also benefit from keep your monthly expenses low.
  3. Cheap Hosting Providers are so beneficial and offers like 30-day money-back guarantee doesn't even apply. Because their give-away prices already reduces the risk associated with startups.

Simple conveniences like useful applications. Examples like one-click softaculous auto-installer, goes a long way for beginners who can't afford professional designers.

Usually in the beginning of your future "Top Earning Website" you're the only employer. So every piece of technology that Makes your web designing duties, site admin or access easier, goes a long way.

Usually in the beginning of your Startup you work exhaustive hours, as a result your family usually feels ignored or intimately neglected.

That's why every useful App or software that make your online business task less daunting, are extremely precious.

Cheap Hosting For Woocommerce

The Benefits Of Softaculous Are Overwhelming: Once you click the icon in your hosting control panel.

It allows you to effortlessly install either: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or Woocommerce.

Superior Customer Service And Technical Support:

Availability of Frikkadel's support team are their greatest drawback. However their overall customer service is superb.

Beginners who may expect hand-holding assistance for 24/7/365, will be most disappointed.

Because Frikkadel's customer support operates during weekdays only. They're not available on weekends or holidays.

Surprisingly! Their response time is exceptionally fast, to make for their limited availability.

Alternatively: There are competitors out there. Who may provide more value. In this regard as they may offer extended support by live chat, telephone, dashboard or email.

Who Should Use Frikkadel Web Hosting?

Frikkadel Hosting is ideal for those discount OR bargain hunters. Who are looking for inexpensive hosting services; without compromising Cutting-edge quality.

Do You Fall Under The Following Categories?
  • Are You're A Low Capital Startup?
  • A Trying Blogger Struggling To Make Ends Meet?
  • A Low-budget Digital Marketer Without Any Social Footprint, Trying To Extend Your Online Business Reach?

If the above defines your online goals and You're looking to create a website. To increase your business reach, sales conversions OR online authority.

The last thing you NEED is to come across as Cheap, even if your Hosting Plan is discounted.

You Have Two Primary Stakeholders

If you DON'T make a Good impression on either, your online business is likely to FAIL.

You're two most important investors are both vital to your success. Do you know who they are?

  1. Your Most Ideal Customer: Is the people that visits your website, find your content useful and search for your targeted keywords on Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines.
  2. Search Engines: Is your other most important stakeholder. Because without organic traffic or your website being found online, you won't be able to Reach your customers.
Unless You Have Deep-Pockets For Expensive Advertising:

Therefore advantages such as superior security, high performance, good uptime and seamless loading speeds, is crucial to your success.

Plus intuitive interfaces and high-quality customer services makes Frikkadel a good choice for beginners, intermediary, and advanced people.

What's your reasons to Choose Best Hosting Provider For Your Website? Whatever it may be it should counterbalance your online goals. Whether it's an experimental project, startup or a hobby. If you will to spend on it, it should be worth looking for reliable hosting solutions.