How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website In South Africa?

How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website In South Africa comparison chart
How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website In South Africa? (Price Comparisons)

Avoid the Daunting tasks of manually searching the Wide Web or visiting EACH hosting site individually. To found out how much it cost to host a website in South Africa.

Instead USE this free online comparison resource to accurately compare a variety of website hosting prices.

Side-by-Side Website Hosting Prices in South Africa

Simply click on the blow hyperlink and enter a automated resource. We also included user instructions to make your workload easier.

1. Access a user friendly and convenient: Web Hosting Comparison Chart. Once it's open select ANY of the South African Service Providers on the list.

Here's a more suitable definition of how it works.

User Instructions below:
  1. Select the name of any of the companies on the dropdown list.
  2. Choose the most suitable bandwidth and disc space package; that meets your requirements.
  3. Select The Price Range That fits your budget, by using a slide starting at 0 to R1000.

What's good about this hosting comparison calculator, is the fact that it gives you current and updated prices.

It does all the hard work for you by automatically delivering real-time results for you.

It automatically access the selected host website on your behalf. Meaning you don't have to run to and from platform-to-platform.

It readily displays all the details and Cost Prices in front of you.

Plus it adds value by giving you an online guide and recommendations.

Saving you lots of time, online resources, and the daunting tasks of figuring out: Which brands is legit or trustworthy; amidst these widespread Cybercrime times.

Web Hosting Cost in South Africa

The local market are booming, since most South African citizens are creating small businesses.

What MOSTLY inspires this shift and demand for hosting providers to serve startups, is the incapability of the government to create jobs.

2. Here's more a trustworthy list of Hosting Companies in SA. Who generously offers you the most cheapest, entry level, or affordable prices; conveniently in one spot.

The website above help you to avoid, the Risks of dealing with unregistered, uncertified self-proclaimed or fake businesses.

Please Note:

One of the main reasons why we didn't just randomly suggest prices.

Is because of the known risks of inaccuracy. Due to potential price increases, decreases, or outdated promotional discounts.

Over Twenty Shared Hosting Providers In South Africa

The problem is that researching or comparing them random. Can cause more confusion then help, if they're scattered.

Wouldn't it be easier to DECIDE which is best. If you find them ALL in one Place; or on a dedicated resourceful webpage?

That's what inspired us the create this post. And we're committed to updating it with all the research information You need.

(We only got started, keep looking back in a few weeks to measure our progress).

3. Easily Access Another Neatly Compiled List Of South African Website Hosting Brands in one place.

Unless you're an experienced user who knows exactly what you want.

I highly suggest beginners dart for the lowest plans and gradually upgrade as their business grows.

If you're really broke and want to test a target market before embracing the cost. You might be interested in free options.

How Can I Host My Own Website And Domain For Free?

We often get this type of question from NO Capital Startups. And of course we try to point them in the most favourable direction.

Look there are many international hosting brands; that are likely to offer free hosting plans for beginners.

However everything has a price to pay. Even free offers comes with advantages and disadvantages The Pros Of Free Website Hosting

  • Free domain and hosting; zero monthly charges.
  • Gives you user-experience and the opportunity to test before buy.
The Cons Of Free Website Hosting
  • Stricter user restrictions and policies are always in favour of the Company, instead of the userlimits.
  • They may even limit you from making money, commercial use and only allow personal blogs.
  • Long unprofessional domains that may turn of visitors.Especially now that they're concerned with malware infected sites and online privacy threats.

If you're really financially pressed; go for Blogger from Google. However you may have to pay the price of learning HTML and coding skills.

But unlike free WordPress they don't restrict you from placing Ads on your site, or force their own business Adverts on your free site.

Wait! There's more of course. You can read more on my free blogger case study.

In Summary:

The most reasonable hosting prices are usually the ones you can afford. Besides, It wouldn't make any business sense, to spend burdensome monthly cost.

Even on one of the best hosting companies in South Africa; on a experimental project.

In business terms we call it a liability. Whereas your goal should be to minimise your financial risks.

Rather get a Cheap Shared Hosting Plan from an average Linux based server at a local website hosting solution like Frikkadel for instance.

Gain some traction and once the project becomes profitable, then upgrade to better, or transfer your website to the most preferred company.

So for your question on: How much does it Cost To Host A Website In South Africa? This comparison chart will be helpful, Convenient and save you lots of time, money and researching resources.