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How Can Cyber Attacks Be Deadly?


How Can Cyber Attacks Be Deadly image

How Can Cyber Attacks Be Deadly?

What are the consequences of cyber attacks? Once upon a time the internet helped to prevent a nuclear strike. Fast forward to now: It can kindle the flames of World War 3.

As we speak Countries are nervously preparing their cyber network defense; in anticipation of such threats.

In the past they invested similar efforts on meant military defense; instead

Who would thought that this powerful project is a double-edged sword. Like everything else has positives and negatives.

The web has much darker consequences, if it's power falls in the wrong hands.

The cyberspace has become even more deadlier than earth, sea, or air strikes.

What Exactly Is Being Attacked During A Cyber Attack?

In short it can be used to diminish You in just one click. Someone can post a fake video or picture about malicious conduct.

1. Privacy Exposure:

Is not always about financial/credit card details. It can also be a private video, or images that can lead to dire consequences.

Such as losing your job due to violating a company policy, diminish your reputation or even lose your life; due to complications of dealing with the humiliation.

( Also learn the real reasons: Why Computer security is important nowadays, even more than ever imagined).

A resentful lover, competitor, adversary or hacker. May secretly or intentionally leak private videos that may hurt your reputation and lead to your destruction/suicide.

2. Business Suicide Attacks:

Corporate espionage, sensitive record exposure, internal mistakes, or poor business practices can harm your professional reputation if it's made public.

Customers don't like the idea of companies that holds their information being incapable of protecting it.

So even if a company get hacked for instance, they risk losing Trust and credibility. Because it clearly demonstrates their weakness as a Brand.

3. Collapse Of Government Systems:

Whether it's another Country or political rivals who action's the attack. It can communicate vulnerabilities of the regime.

This can create hole in a system and show their poor security measures or even leak internal misconduct.

Because everything is done remotely and enemy Countries; can even detonate your own missiles on your Country.

All they need is unauthorised privileged access. Which can be done in many ways.

Two Examples Of Deadly Threats Of Cyber Attacks:
  • Cryber Breach Attacks: Stealing of sensitive information such as: Medical records/research, scientific data, corporate secrets, government plans, military blueprints, etc.
  • Malware Attacks: Injecting malicious codes to undermine, disrupt or destroy information, use spyware for espionage attacks, turn Countries against each other true cyber manipulation tactics, etc.

What Is The Most Dangerous Cyber Attacks?

The most dangerous cyber attacks are the types that could lead to mass destruction.

Examples of such is the commonly talked about ransomware attacks, viruses and worms.

You can read more about them here. As they are already so much talked about online.

And my article is more pointed towards the potential of these threats.

How Dangerous Are Cyber Attacks?

Cyber terrorism, mass manipulation through fake news or government coverups, network hijacking from extremists, privacy attacks on citizens, etc.

All the above and below are only a handful of examples of how ugly things are becoming. The internet is extremely powerful and using it with bad intentions makes it extremely destructive.

Digital identity cloning, fake job placements internationally that leads to human trafficking, credit accounts on fake identities.Are all good answers to the question of: How Can Cyber Attacks Be Deadly? Plus the good news is, we only scratched the surface. You too could be at risk if you don't protect your digital profile.

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