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Why Do Android Phones Need Antivirus? (Best Security Tips)

Why Do Android Phones Need Antivirus picture
Why Do Android Phones Need Antivirus? (Best Security Tips)

Android Phones need Antivirus Software to support its delayed security updates coming from the central server. Making it a malicious sweet-spot for malware authors, or opportunistic viruses (stemming from software related failures).

One of the many obvious vulnerabilities in Android's hides in the intimate relationship; between smart applications (on your home screen) and connecting servers.

Which are easily breached by intruders because they don't ultimately eliminate third-party interferences as they wish to. Among many other common loopholes, it's highly sensitive to exploitation from harmful software.

Amazingly those tiny icons (on your home screen) has much bigger back-office networks; compared to what you see on the surface. Which makes your data travel (in seconds) across many vulnerable middle-man hosting platforms; in a blink-of-an-eye.

Chat apps, Appstore, banking programs, file manager, weather, videos, images, email and every small icon you see on your device; has an entire relationship with other cooperating (server-based) programs, helping it function accordingly.

Your assumed to be private information passes and transfers from a one App to another server, repeatedly through a series of external (third-party) hosting sites, networks, servers, software, storage devices and so on.

The best effort encryption method in a perfect world would be 100% privacy in every two-way-communication (Client to Server communication).

Meaning that the end-to-end communication between every user (applications), connecting to any external hosting server, should be totally sealed.

Without the slightest chance of a third person/software interruption, eaves dropping, or potential information leaks.

Which is not the case with Android phones, the are more that seven vulnerabilities that can lead to cyber attacks

Do Android Phones Need Antivirus?

Your Android smart phone need antivirus software to strengthen the security flaws in the server-side weaknesses, authentication flaws, poor binary designs, lack of data encryption, poor authorization abilities and ultimately failure to secure network traffic.

What Does It Mean To You?

Your privacy is on-the-line every time you shop online, tap credit card details, save sensitive customer data, use payment apps, fill out online applications, send private emails, or communicate.

A intruder can breach your privacy by placing an intrusion software between client and server connection, brute-force attack, bypass authentication, manipulate the behaviors of applications and remotely access data on a certified app.

Can Android Phones Get Viruses?

All Android phones can contract virus; especially when you download software from external sources. Because these viruses are built on browser weaknesses of the host and Android's has one.

In fact most smartphone antivirus software are created around the security flaws of Android in particular.

If Android smart devices eliminate their OS (Operating System) drawbacks; many mobile antivirus companies would go out of business.

Let's take for example the flimsy website certification verification method. If your device fail to accurately check the origination source of links AND whether they're registered with reputable hosting services.

You come short with security reassurance that normally encourages confidentiality and data transfer integrity; between browser and server. Which pretty much opens your applications to reckless data distribution.

Meaning you have no control whatsoever over exploitations from a connection level. Which is a total waste of other encryption efforts because one of the best prevention against malware; is detection.

When a mobile phone has been infected by a virus, the sophisticated malicious program blends in with the apps and run like s well-oiled machine.

How it alters your Smart App behaviors are most likely to go unnoticed; while it secretly delivers its services to it's senders. Depending on the payload; it may get triggered on certain times, days or actions.

Learn more how to protect your Android phones from the experts. These guys knows the stuff and will help you to secure your mobile device without even taking out your wallet.

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