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What Is Antivirus Software AND How Does It Work?


What Is Antivirus Software AND How Does It Work?

Antivirus Software is a computer program designed to identify, detect, neutralize or remove destructive programs on your device. It is generally downloaded online and installed on your pc.

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Some protection software are free and others are paid services.

It's stored on your computing device, but also connects to an external server (own by the Service Provider) which sends regular software-updates to improve its performance.

Most Advanced Internet Security Programs are client and server based software.

Although it lives on your gadget, it also connects to the developer’s server and more improved versions are cloud based.

It generally sends feedback to the server about the types of traffic, user behaviour and untrusted connections.

Which helps the internet security company to continuously stay abreast of potential breaches, fraud/hacking attempts or new malware advancements.

1. Like everything else comes in ranks, so does the quality of each antivirus software vary from the other.

The free options are usually very basic and may give you’re a limited protection, while advanced or premium offers may be more sophisticated.

2. Performances varies from competing brand-to-brand like: Avast, HitmanPro, McAfee, ESET, etc.

Some may increase your Operating System (Windows, Mac, etc) speeds, while others may slow it down.

Not all antivirus software are created equal: Some for example may protect you from phishing attacks, while others may not.

There are also custom packages designed for home users, businesses and also the number of devices that it protects.

3. Each antivirus software is crafted with a specific target market in mind. Therefore not every protection ware is good for you, even if it may be one of the best.

There are also risks of paying for too many features, while a basic may be a perfect fit for an irregular internet user.

4. Prices may also give you an indication on the quality and service levels to expect.

If something is free or too cheap it may also mean the quality of service may also be restricted or poor.

Because the affordability may be a good excuse for shoddy or washed-out services.

5. Duration the internet security company has been in business is a very important factor when it comes to deciding whether the brand is reputable.

Although it’s not the only measure it surely helps to get an idea of their experience.

Time clearly proves their ability to stay in business and it usually gives you’re a great source of reviews from customers.

6. Amount of customers and how long they stay around helps to identify whether they’re happy with the service or not.

If a company is capable of keeping people subscribed, there must be something they're doing Right!

The longer a particular service has been around, the better they understand new developments in malware and cyber attacks.

Meaning their products may be tied around the loose ends of barware designs.

Because as security software improves, so does malware authors look for weaknesses in it and enhance their malicious programs.

In Summary:

Antivirus Software is designed to counterbalance internet security threats and defuse them based on behaviour recorded from past experiences.

Therefore the types that regularly updates is necessary, as it keeps evolving around potential leaks in the existing design.

It’s stored on your computer and needs sufficient storage space to accommodate it.

Like any other hierarchy or level based product some are better, more expensive and more developed than others.

There are several features that varies from product to product. Examples such as fraud monitoring, password management, internet speed improvement and other bells and whistles.

Some may even give you reports on malware types that were blocked, hacking attempts and untrusted sources.

It may even protect your credit card details (depending on the package or product features), scan files, block spam emails and much more.

Reputable companies may even have a dedicated 24/7 live-support teams, who monitors your traffic and actively manage external sources from uncertified sources, to prevent unexpected surprises from cyber attackers and malware authors.

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