What Does An Antivirus Software Do When It Finds Malware?


What Does An Antivirus Software Do When It Finds Malware?

Like medication treats biological infections, so is Antivirus software designed to neutralize malware threats. But in a world continuously flooded with more sophisticated malicious codes; then the one before.

It's extremely difficult to find a one stop solution.

Like companies striving against one another to gain or win: The best vaccination race. So are the upstream battle for creating the best computer protection programs in the world.

Each uniquely equipped with different ways to combat various forms of malware.

  • Some may slow your computer loading speeds during scans.
  • While others may speed up your internet.
  • Then of course you get everything else inbetween.

The only difference in Antivirus Software is a program designed to neutralize known malicious programs. Instead of of a medicine.

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Generally all forms of hamful codes are designed to accomplish a specific outcome.

Likewise are protectionware programmed to understand their behaviours and destroy their plots.

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Compare The Artificial Intelligence Of Your Smartphone Apps With Malware:

1. Smart Apps are created to do useful tasks. Such as chat, calculate, give weather reports, provide location information, video stream, save files, store data, etc.

2. Mobile applications are generally good software programs crafted to make your life easier, enjoyable and more importantly convenient.

3. Malware on the other hand are detailed to make the attacker's thievery or malicious intentions easier. It therefore does what it was programmed to do.

4. Such as sending sensitive data back to the sender, encrypting your files for ransom demands, delete documents, provide backdoor access, spread harmful codes, corrupt files, and so on.

5. While Antivirus Software are trained to read, investigate and follow specific criminal behaviours; and block their cruel intentions.

Which of course the developers recorded through years of experience, research and industry insight.

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In Summary:

The longer years and experience the Antivirus Providers has in the cyber security industry. The better quality internet protection products they can create.

This helps to equip their antivirus packages with all the extra know-how abilities, or necessary skilled malware detection to set them apart from the rest.

But it doesn't only take knowledge, history and experience to thrive above the rest.

It also requires real effort, financial backing, seamless systems, quantity resources and dedicated support teams.

Plus continuous improvement, good customer service and staying updated with cyber security threats as they also advance.

Does Antivirus Detect All Viruses?

Like everything else comes in levels, ranks and price ranges.

Likewise are antivirus software manufactured for different target markets, online activities and malware categories.

Another point with noting is that even if some brands may compete for the same marketing sector.

Like any other products, there are always one that are more effective than the other.

In Summary:

Not every Antivirus can stop all kinds of viruses. That's why it's important to read the features and make sure the package fits your online requirements.

  • Free Antivirus for instance; are basic and may fail to identity the behaviour of more complex viruses.
  • While the paid versions may also represent different price ranges and specifications. It's not a one size fits all solution.
  • Thus savvy users tend to have two Antivirus programs. Because they know; one may capture a virus, that the other missed.

Although you may find full featured versions, or combo packages; which are intended to stop all forms of viruses. Nothing is perfect; but some digital protection is always better than nothing.