Can You Get Viruses On Your iPhone?(Yes and No)

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Can You Get Viruses On Your iPhone? (Yes and No!)

Did they say iPhone is immune to viruses? Not all iPhones are totally secure from malware. Although you're the original owner of device, it may be on jailbreak; due to an out-of-box failure.

Unless you're 100% sure everything is as good as factory standards; your iPhones is safe from malicious software infections.

Jailbreak is a condition where the system is already compromised or technically disrupted.

Which opens your device to all potential vulnerabilities. Because it's no longer compliant with Apple's iOS architecture.

iOS is the operation system used on all Apple made devices. Examples such as: Mac, iMac, iPad, iPhone, etc.

The Good News is that security is the foundation of all iOS architecture. So as a standard security rule:

Apple has invested all their years of online experience into their cutting-edge Operating System.

Their vision was not only to bring about the best smartphone.

But also the most self-sufficient and independent device, that doesn't require third-party intervention.

What Can I Say?

It ultimately paid off: Because unlike Android devices, you're less likely to hear and iPhones got hacked or malware infected.

  • Thus computer viruses finds it extremely difficult to penetrate the highly secure iOS encrypting layers.
  • I have written an entire post about the built-in: iPhone Antivirus Scan Application.

Does Apple Recommend Antivirus Software?

No Apple doesn't require or recommend third-party antivirus programs. Because they already created their Power Phones with security at its core.

Besides; too many external vendors is one of the main weaknesses in secure systems.

Because the more connections or third-party vendors exist on any given platform.

By default increases the potential of networking infiltration or malicious program exposure.

Take WordPress vs Blogger for example:
  • WordPress; has many external vendors who creates all kinds of useful plugins.
  • Although it's a more convenient blogging platform, compared to complicated blogger. It also has more openings to hacking threats and malware exposure.
  • While complicated Blogspot are a bit more limited. But that that same limits creates barriers for harmful exposure or security threats.

Can iPhones Get Viruses From Websites?

As already mentioned above; you can't get a virus from a website, unless your iPhone is already on Jailbreak or it's iOS is already disrupted.

Otherwise iOS has smart website authentication capability. It automatically queries the originality of every website url.

Which makes it protected against malicious links, and the intergrated architecture of the OS is powerfully resistant against harmful codes or programs.

On the other hand; everything you do online is monitored, controlled and managed by Apple.

A Few Examples Are:
  • You only get to use products manufactured, certified or approved by them. Which closes the gaps for opportunistic cyber criminal invasions.
  • The iOS even checks the originating sources of website to confirm their registered certificates.
  • You only buy and download software from their iStore. Which removes the chances of Trojans, rootkits or other suspicious programs.
  • It also has its own money transfer apps, etc.

There's more of course, but I suppose you get the idea.

So this brings us the concluding answer.

Does iPhone Have Malware Protection?

It has the best internet security measure and that is its future-ready iOS.

The only time malware can potentially affect an IPhone, is in cases of an out-of-box failure. If you experience such an ordeal return the device to the store.

Again your iOS also becomes less secure if you personally tempered with the original setting. To an extent where it somehow drifted far away from the original condition.

Another weakness can also come from second hand devices; that may be Jailbreak device. Other than that you're in good hands with Apple's robust technology, which is strong against all types of malware threats.