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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Antivirus Software? (Real Secrets)


What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Antivirus Software?(Real Secrets)

What is the problem with antivirus software? There are many obvious pros and cons on the surface. But the most important facts such as; their detailed access to your sensitive data; are less often talked about.

The unmonitored and overpowering keys they hold to your digital secrets. Will make you rethink your vague perception of online security.

By means of their trusted security measures, they effortlessly access your system.

Read, scan and examine the most private parts of your information. Which you dare not even allow your closet partners to observe.

We tend to relax after downloading Anti-Virus software on your computers; with the false impression that our privacy is totally protected.

Or is it?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Antivirus Software?

Have you ever considered the fact that the Cyber Security Company who secures your data. Actually has total control over your sensitive data, files and documents. I Suppose Not!

Why? Because we tend to blindly trust Antivirus Providers; without questioning their conduct.

Then we suddenly hear the government banned an international brand for having too much access to consumer data.

Suddenly it dawns upon us that our information are stored, sold, or even freely shared. By large corporations across the world.

Love It Or Hate It| Antivirus Programs Is Necessary:

Take it or leave it; we all need network security. Especially now! More than ever amidst "Identity Theft Gold Rush Period.".

  • Either you ignorantly give access to cyber criminals?
  • Or your give it to a well-versed Internet Security Company; who can be at least held accountable?

You decide for yourself! Besides every smart proprietary app, online tool, browser or Operating System.

Also has the potential to access your information anyway.

Is what they do with your data that actually counts. In this world; ultimate privacy is but only a perception.

Nothing is secret! Why do you think: A smartphone or desktop is one of the first things they seize; if they investigate someone.

Because even permanently deleted data, can somehow still be recovered from your hard drive or device; by experts.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Antivirus Software?

1. Trust: Most buyers get bogged down on the price factor. Trying to find a sweet-spot between: Too Expensive, too cheap, or learn the actual reason Why is some Antivirus Software Free?.

While they should be worried about the quality of the Brand.

Because entrusting your data to someone is a very Big Deal. Therefore credibility, experience and reputable; plays major roles in your decision.

2. Information Security: It's always a Risk to give someone too much information about yourself.

Besides there are situations like internal-fraud, nevermind external threats.

Again, you have to know what they do with your data and where they keep it, sell or distribute it.

3. Self-centred Terms and Conditions: We all know that companies tend to sometimes promise one thing, and deliver another.

While the actual devil is hidden in their terms of service.

So granny your reading glasses, make a cup of coffee or your favourite dronk (because you gonna sit there for a while).

And carefully read those lengthy tiny printed grey letters (almost written as if they we're meant to discourage readers).

We all have a tendency to put it out till later. Then we blindly agree to our own undoing (disadvantages).

4. Technical Setbacks: Some Antivirus Programs are more lighter than others.

So instead of jumping head first, then later complain about Lagging Systems or Slowdowns. You might want to mentally prepare yourself beforehand.

5. Heavy System Resource Consumption: Be prepared for greedily eating up extra data-bundles; in the cases of software updates catching up to the latest.

Because real-time security don't come cheap. It requires a lot of renewed system updates, deep malware scans, and excessive storage.

Which may put unexpected pressure on your network resources and direct, or indirectly affect your computer speed.

6. Insufficient Protection: Regardless, some security is always better than none. I hope I'm not the first to burst your Bubble.

Nothing in this world is 100% perfect! Not even You, your spouse, or Antivirus software.

Not that I'm a pessimist; but Always leave room for disappointments.

Although installing protection is a good idea, irrespective of the cons. Because it's not as dire as no protection at all.

7. Limited Features: Not every package blankets the same threats, according their product specifications.

Thus you have to carefully finger pick one according to your online duties or browsing habits. What's good for me, might be bad for you.

8. Security Weaknesses: Every product, service or system has a weakness; even if it's the best of its kind.

The most obvious one is generally the user. Mind You! How do you think some: Hackers, Trojans, Viruses or Spyware even penetrates the best antivirus designs in the industry

9. Package Based Detection Restrictions: If you bought a plan that don't include phishing detection for example.

You're pretty much vulnerable to such threats, or if a more sophisticated malware invades your property; you're in for a high-jump.

10. Frequent Upgrade Notifications: Plans are usually hierarchy based, or you may get add-on services that wasn't included in your selection.

Which the Brand's marketing team may use as an upselling opportunity.

As a result you may get bombarded with multiple Advertisements via; for upgrades.

11. Poor Customer Support: It may not bother you at first, until you really need human support to sort out a nagging problem, or answer an important question.

And if you're not an Enterprise who has a dedicated IT support team. You're more likely to stay stuck with service automation software responses.

Bottom Line:

Logically you have to keep a moderate balance between the two extremes.

In My Experienced Opinion:
  • It's always better to expose you're data to a well-established Brand, rather than a total stranger with malicious intent.
  • Why? At least you'll know where to start your investigation, if something goes wrong. You can always query it, or report them to authorities.
  • Just make sure it's a professional registered and compliant company; before subscribing.
  • 80% security is always more rewarding than zero. Even 50% will give malware or cybercriminals a much harder time than none.

A major limitation of antivirus software is that it can't stop the user from falling for emotional or psychological manipulation from hackers.

Hackers understand people better than programs and use it to their advantage to get consumers to willingly accept their malware. Which are usually hidden in the forms of benefits or useful Apps. In my next post we will look at the true advantages of Antivirus software.