Where Do I Report Credit Card Fraud?


Where Do I Report Credit Card Fraud?

Where Do You Report Credit Card Fraud? Let's equip you with a resources to direct you to the right platforms to report fraudsters in South Africa. Below are all the contact details of financial crime and cybercrime portals:

So Where Do You Report Credit Card Fraud?

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What Steps to Take if You Are a Victim of Credit Card Fraud?

Click here to: Report Card Fraud which is a form of identity theft. Report any South African bank card to avoid bills piling up under your name, and the financial stress that comes along with it.

The Bad News: According Experian credit statistics shows that the most recent total of gross fraud financial losses for South African issued cards. Increased by 20.5% between 2018 (R890.3 million), and 2019 (R1.07 billion).

When you compare the inflated amount of 2019's (R217.2 million), with the total of 2018's (R186.8 million). You'll easily notice that Credit card fraud increased drastically by 16.2%.

The Good News: Is that debit card fraud dropped to 15.7% if you compare 2019's (R211.3 million) to 2018's (R250.9 million).

Need more information and help? Learn more about: What to do if you're a Victim Of Credit Card Fraud.

How Do I Report Someone Using My Credit Card?

I suggest you first start above to report the identity theft, which will stop the criminals in their tracks. Then head on to Cybercrime.org.za:

  1. Contact Number: Tip-off line – 0860010111
  2. SAPS Crime Stop report incidents where you sure you e-identity has been compromised to the– National Cybersecurity Policy Framework for South Africa.

What Happens When You Report Credit Card Fraud?

Once you connected to the crime stop website above. You will automatically be routed to a short online message form:

Make sure you include the following information in you message form:

The full details about your experience including perpetrators names, phone numbers, email addresses, websites, social media, bank details etc. along with your total loss in ZA Rands.

What Is Credit Card Fraud?

Identity theft is the broader term and Credit card fraud is a sub-category of it. This a when the criminal use someone else's credit card to buy goods, transfer money or open a credit account on another name.

  • The crime can be committed online on a card-not-present option.
  • It can happen through a stolen card that's not reported. With you account number, CVV2 (3-4 digits at the back of the card), PIN, etc.
  • It can be a situation where technology was used to record your existing credit card details and a copy of the original was made.
  • It can also be where your personal information was stolen to open credit accounts on your name.

The only way to avoid a bad financial day in this scenario is to act fast, cancel your card or report the incident.

Although credit card issuers are fighting hard to prevent this criminal uprising, victory can never be accomplished; without the awareness of consumers.

Like a pandemic resourceful syndicates are finding new ways to breach weaknesses. And most often it is the unaware consumer who falls victim to their snares.

Organized crime masterminds are cleverly finding new ways to bypass the latest security measures that credit card issuers setup.

In Summary:

Investigating Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft can be a lengthy process. Despite the fact that it's unlikely that being defrauded will cost you money directly from your account balance; anytime soon.

It can cost you a damaged credit report, scores and reputation. Until your name is eventually cleared after: Who knows when?

Thus the best way forward is to prevention instead of picking up the pieces of your shattered profile. Report credit card fraud immediately and save this page as we keep updating it with new information.