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In 10 Minutes, I'll Give You The Truth About MONEY MULE Fraud Crimes!

This educational Video from the FBI gives a much better explanation. In 10 Minutes, I'll Give You The Truth About MONEY MULE Fraud Crimes

Unapologetically South African Government tender frauds are so rapidly spreading, that even the worst common crimes seems even less unnerving, or more reasonably justified.

Trust violations from so called "honorable" leaders, usually burns deeper into the heart of society, more than those of obvious criminals.


It's like Comparing the justified attacks from a total stranger - to the depth of betrayal from a trusted blood relative, spouse, or police officer.

Who else can you trust if the one who were suppose to defend your honor, shatters it to fragments?

Fear of poverty and retrenchment are forceful drivers behind opportunity seeking citizens.

It powerfully motivates forward thinkers to act. In doing so they nervously research potential solutions to fill the additional income hole in their budgets.

Along their business adventure there are seemingly good offers, but disappointingly result in much greater losses.

Consumer Deceitful Methods Seems More Enticing Than Ever Before

Circumstances are at it worst, thus dark suggestions seems to look like the better alternatives. Since hope in the government system is greedily fading.

The 'Sand Castles' that politicians sold for votes gives cybercriminals and fraudsters a solid foundation to look more trustworthy to youth.

There's not much convincing needed to lure trusting victims into their money mule interconnected Accounts.

What the hack! Is the thinking of many desperate citizens. If the people that have taken "legal oaths" to serve and protect, breaks it. What hope is left?

This compels blogs like ours to take it upon ourselves to keep you updated on the latest cybercrimes and How to prevent network security decryptions.

If we don't focus on inform ordinary citizens about the latest attacks on your privacy, financial and identity.

Who else will?

Especially now that "News Channels" are overwhelmed with backlogs of government fraud related cases.

From Collapsing Plundered State Owned Entities To Inescapable Retrenchments:

Cyber attacks became a career path for many jobless, ignorant and hopeless youth. Most often when people are stuck in a tight situation, they start looking for the fastest way out.

Sadly in most cases ignorant folks go for the easiest route, which isn't necessarily the legal options out there.

You know the common saying: "A man is as faithful as his options" source -unknown-

Thanks to the untamed external crime escalations, strict lock-down regulations, work from home transformations, online shopping conveniences, of course our internet hungry aptitudes and greedy social media appetites.

Cyber Security Infiltration are burning deeper into every online user experience.

We've lost our jobs, good credit ratings, health, social benefits, financial security, trust in a failing system, etc.

At this lowest point in our lives online privacy and identity theft are the least of our worries?

One Of The Most Profitable Cybercrime Economies Is The Job Seekers Market

Thanks to the wider ballooning of unemployment statistics. Which creates a dedicated stream of desperate job seekers; who much easily falls prey to fraudulent job scams.

Criminals haven't been happier ever before, because of the quick response rates, they receives from hopeful job hunters.

People are paddling harder than ever; to stay afloat, fighting even harder to keep their heads above deepening inflation waters. And reeking of desperation is not a good way forward!

Almost everybody and their smartphones are nervously tapping away seeking future financial security cushions.

It's Easier To Become A Money Mule For Fraud Syndicates

What makes it even more appealing is the fact that these "Money laundering Mafia" are always on the lookout for fresh blood.

They're so aggressively employing that they're not only targeting online citizens; anymore.

They are even expanded their dark operations to your local neigbourhoods, colleges, shopping malls and hangouts.

Which Means Business Is Looking Good:

Because instead of staying in their normal lanes of the usual: Social media platforms, dating websites, WhatsApp Messaging Apps, and email mediums.

They're becoming bolder by directly approaching individuals to sell the money mule scams face-to-face.

They saw a bigger market share amidst: Indebted and/or retrenched people, financially depressed students, financially pressured parents and so on.

Somehow job seekers seems to be the easiest catch. Because the pandemic has transformed your thinking by considering working from home options to be more feasible and safe; in the flames of COVID 19 pandemic.

Here Is How The Latest Banking App Money Laundering Fraud Works?

You get introduced to a representative by a trusted neighbour, friend, colleague, or even family member.

Although it may sound suspicious at first, circumstances may convincingly lead to self-deception.

  • They generally make it sound so harmless, easy and safe. Whatever they tell you, it always includes the benefits of making a few extra bucks; with little effort.
  • You're now further funneled in the sales process, or better yet "rabbit hole." By being convinced to open a new savings bank account in your name, to receive and transfer money; to other mule networking accounts.
  • If you're recruited face-to-face they may even make it more convenient. By taking full ownership over your banking App, through buying your new bank App, PIN and Card from you.
  • They easily do this by giving you a cheap smartphone with a simcard, prior to opening your bank account. To ensure that you have nothing to lose (except for your identity and clear credit and criminal record).

You Get A Once Off Payment For Selling Your Identity

Who would be so stupid to do that? You're thinking...

You'll be surprised at how many people are opening mule accounts on behalf of criminals. The banking system are literally brought to its knees by this burdensome crisis.

The money are usually transferred from parent accounts to smaller ones. The ultimate purpose is to throw cybercriminal investigators off track by design.

This money is either stolen from online hacking attacks, or illegally earned through human trafficking undertakings, or other illicit business activities, etc.

Bottom line:

If any Company makes money legally: Why would they risk transferring it to a other peoples accounts?

If you blindly accept such terms of employment, which is obviously a fishy business model. Legally you're liable of the same offense.

Realistically speaking; you have the most evidence pointed to your profile. Which makes you the guiltiest in the entire operation; based on financial footprints.

In Fact The Financial Fingerprints Are All Over Your Blood Money Stained Bank Account

Don't fall for job offers that requires you to transfer money to and fro. Even if it's your parents/brothers that introduces you to the so called employer.

Irrespective, if they may use corporate terms like "clients", or "suppliers". Under no circumstances should you sell your soul (identity) for 30 pieces of silver.

Unless you're planning identity suicide or you're on a self-sabotage journey.

Don't ever shield a total stranger behind your clean profile for a dime.

These types of things always comes back to bite you, when you least expect it.

You Know What To Do Next. Right?
Share This Article And Help Out A Friend or Family Member From Falling For Mule Scams

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Consider this cybersecurity website, guide, blog or whatever you may call it! Or at least as Your cyber safety-belt to a ever growing cybercrime platform.

Every network security encryption can be bypassed. Cyber attackers will stop at nothing to get to your private information, or customer financial records, and other confidential files.

Which is normally stored, processed, and transported by software, networks, websites, hosting platforms, clouds and other network resources like: Servers, workstations, smart phones, etc.)

Don't believe me?

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