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Fraud Accessory Alert: They're Recruiting Unemployed People To Open Capitec Bank Accounts For R300! (You Must Read This!)

Capitac Money Mule Recruiters
Fraud Accessory Alert: Why Are They Recruiting Unemployed People To Open Capitec Bank Accounts For R300? (You Must Read This!)

Money Mule Recruiters Offer Coulored People From Eldorado Park, Ennerdale and many other areas R300 for their new Capitec Accounts to use it for money laundering crimes!

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Warn And Protect Your Unemployed Family Before They Sell Their Entire Futures For A Miserable Price!

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Shoprite In Eldorado And South Gate Are Hotspot Money Mule Areas

You kids, friends or family could have already fell victim to it; without mentioning it. What better way to break the Coulored community further down.

Make a difference by informing others about the magnitude of fraud and its consequences.

How Does Money Laundering Recruiters Operate?

They could be recruited very soon to open a Capitec Account for a R300 -R450, especially if they're living in Coulored Communities. Such as: Ennerdale, Lawley, Lenasia, Eldo's, etc.

The roots of this syndicate operation is global. They prey on the weak and impoverished locations to further their money laundering network.

Which makes you an Accomplice or accessories to a larger cybercrime syndicate operation.

The Risks Of Being An Accessory To A Money Mule Fraud Case?

Specifically in the context of becoming a money mule:
  1. You risk criminal conviction for crimes that you know nothing about. Well, except for the one crime of knowing assisting in a fraud syndicate, by selling your Capitec Account.
  2. You get blacklisted and ciminally-banned from opening bank account in the future.
  3. Say good bye to a good credit rating and trustworthy reputation. Which will earn you a criminal record when you get arrested.
  4. Your identity could be sold to masterminds who will use your profile to hide their true identities.
  5. They can later take loans or commit other financial fraud, under your name.
  6. You could be professionally blacklisted from ever working again for any professional organization.

And I'm only scratching the surface with the above. It is a very serious offense and the best cure is prevention.

Imagine The Dangers Of The Following Comparison?

Ever wondered what happens to people who are involved in illegal operations. Who smuggle illicit goods across borders or through airport customs?

They usually get interrogated and the worse part is that they sometimes really don't know who they're working for.

They get arrested for multiple linked crimes. And most of the tome they don't even know who they're working for; as a result they take the entire fall by themselves.

Money Mule Recruits Are Alike, The Only Difference Is That It Happens Online:

I wrote about so just access it and read about all the details here:

This is how money mule or money laundering works.

  • A brief summary is that the recruiter may offer coulored youth of 18 years or unemployed desperate folks as little as R300 to open a Capitec Account.
  • They ask the individual to request the banking App to be activated and linked to a simcard they give you.
  • According the agreement: You give the recruiter your card, PIN, App and other details. Which is linked to your identity.
  • The recruiter contacts the Nigerian, or buyer, or mastermind: To sell your details while you wait for your measly +/- R200 payment.
  • Then the mastermind transfer the first amount to test whether the account is active. The recruiter withdraws R2000, pay you between R300 - R450 and keep the rest.

Their business with you is now done. Your account and financial profile belongs to a total stranger now! Which they use to transfer illegal money to and from.

(Read more about the entire laundering process here

Why Do They Recruit Coulored People?

Not because you're special as you may like to believe.

The only reason is that you have an English name and they consider it more likely to escape the "investigators radar" more cleverly, as oppose to a black name.

According to their beliefs they think a "black name" is always suspicious. Especially if large sums of money goes in and out on a regular bases.

This is because they have already abused black people now they changing their pattern.

This Makes You An Accessory To Money Laundering

The fact that nothing happens immediately deceive most people. What they don't know is that this scam is under thorough investigation.

It's just a matter of time before the Hawks knocks down your door and you get A Rude Awakening.

Please Share This Scam Alert: With Friends And Family. Save your kids, cousins and love ones before it's too Late!