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Checkout this educational video by VICE on Youtube that received millions of views. I only understood "Why" after I watched it. Don't Fall For THE LATEST CREDIT CARD FRUAD Scams

Ever noticed how swindlers have to first gain your trust, before they betray it? If you think that is Bad, read the latest credit card fraud scams and their Jaw-Dropping persuasive techniques.

A confident demeanor is crucial for persuading unexpecting victims, to generously give away their private details. Such as credit card numbers and financial information.

(Can Someone Use My Credit Card Without CVV?)

A wound from an Enemy Is Better Than The Kiss Of Betrayal From a Best Friend -source- unknown

And the Best Person that fits the profile could potentially be a vengeful or conflicted partner.

The Hidden Mystery Behind CREDIT CARD FRAUDS:

I once received a billing dispute phone call in a Telecoms Company I work for. The client was fuming with anger and blamed the network for all kinds of irrelevant data and subscription-content charges.

Back then we could easily see all the previously visited websites, contacted numbers and subscription services; on our internal-systems.

Customer Privacy Protection Laws:

However that changed as Telecoms Companies evolved. They now hide such information from consultants ever since privacy protection guidelines improved.

Life just don't simply Give us lemons to make lemonade; only for the sake of it. Surprisingly it does so, because deep in our hearts we secretly chose and life attentively listened. -source- unknown

However we were not allowed to tell customers what their actual online activities were; as it would generally make them feel indecently-exposed.

The Devil Is In The Digital Footprints:

Especially if they subscribe to adult related services. Unless we were forced by circumstances to solve a dire problem and we had no other choice.

Forced by Circumstances to tell the Client her itemized billing details. Due to her vulgar language, persistence, and all kinds of legal threats.

Little Did She Expect Her Man's Secret Demeanor Was About To Make Her Make Her Suspicious of His Fidelity Intentions.

This was one of those long back-and-forth calls, so I had to pull-the-plug by spilling-the-beans.

I sent her a detailed itemized billing statements and went through it with her; over the telephone.

There were repetitive charges on 35050 subscription services; especially after midnight periods:

"What is this 35050 you guys charged me for?" she aggressively demanded.

"This is an adult content subscription service from a third party Company. They're independent from us and your number subscribed to it 3 months ago."

Surprisingly The Particular Cell Phone Was Used By Her Loving Husband:

Although she was the account holder and pays for it on a monthly bases. He was the actual user and she was only Shocked to discover an over-inflated account debit.

As soon as I told her the details, she instantly went "Silent" like a strong wind that suddenly stopped. She was clearly stunned and confused about her husbands secret fetish.

I could tell by the change in her tone, she felt betrayed, deeply hurt and shocked. I instantly knew that she was truly really unaware of her loving-partner's sneaky online behaviour.

How Does This Story Related To Random Credit Card Frauds?

In context both are the similar in one way or another, because most often the attackers lure the victims in:

Like a well-trusted friend, lover or companion they get under you skin, steal your heart and Rip-It-Apart!

Like a cat tends to tease its prey, before it eats it, or a vengeful person pretends to be a loving-friend to hide their harmful intentions, or an abusive parent pretends to be an upstanding person in their local Community.

Hackers tend hook you with some undeniable benefit; while in reality it turns out to produce the opposite effect, or even has worse consequences.

To ensure were on the same page...

Let's Look At Examples Of The Most Up-To-Date Credit Card Fraud Techniques Below:

  1. Phishing Information Extraction Attempts: Is a case where the attacker pose as a consultant or business representative to deceptively get your personal details.
  2. Spoofing Deceptive Methods: Is a falsification strategy like false cloned sites that looks like the original business website you subscribe to, which helps them to get access to your Login Details.
  3. Malicious Software: This includes any Practical Smartphone App download, Trojans Horses, Stubborn Rootkits, Spyware and so on.
  4. Skimming Devices Placed In ATM Machines: These are small electronic gadgets hidden in ATM's or other credit card paying facilities used to record your PIN (Personal Identification Numbers).
  5. Credit Card Scanners: Is a small device similar to that you see in your local store. Hackers use similar devices with a powerful scanner, that can scan your card even in your pocket/wallet if they stand close enough.
  6. Network Security Breach Attacks: This is when hackers gets Down And Dirty on you. They prey for weaknesses in your computer networks and dart for access to your private data.
  7. Brute-Force Attacks or Dictionary Scanning Attacks: This is where they scan your network by using automated devices to steal passwords or credit card numbers. They usually sit in close range to your home in this case.
(The above are only a few examples, there are so many more which we'll cover in future posts. Please save this site and share it with others to promote internet security).

What Mediums Do Hackers Use To Reach Your Credit Card Details?

They generally use good services for bad purposes. Bear in mind that most of the resources they use are not bad in its self.

The only difference here is the Driver Behind The Useful Resource. Just like a car is not bad by itself, but are subjective to who drives it.

If it's a kidnapper, criminal or reckless driver behind the wheel. The specific roads they regularly use are considered: Danger Zones.

  • Direct Face-to-face approaches: This can be through a fake sales-consultant, robbers, deceptive con men or swindlers.
  • Inside Credit Card Fraud Syndicate Workers Are considered indirectly because they sneakily steal customer details for their syndicate buyers. It can even be suspicious people You Know.
  • Telephone Services: This can be a security related call from your home security services, cellphone contractor or any other related service you subscribe to.
  • The Internet Medium: Is also used as a platform to extend their hacking outreach. The attacker can use social media, chat apps or some malicious program to extract data.
  • Email Services: Very close and personally they can give you a "Security Alert" to change your password on a link. By typing your old password they record it and use it against you.
  • Website Hosting Servers: The email technique and this usually goes hand-in-hand. They may send you a link that connects to a fake website which is a static page. It usually looks identical to your bank, Paypal, Online College platform, etc.
  • Powerful Scanning Or Network Code Cracking Technology: This is where they use electronic devices or automated harmful software to get privileged access to your valuable information.
Credit Card Number Theft Can Lead To Banruptcy

The Intense Feelings Of Regret that shadows a cyber attack victim, leads to many other horrific repercussions.

There is no better cure than prevention and that can only be achieved with knowledge and well-calculated steps.

Bear in mind your credit card numbers are recorded by many reputable brands. But the only difference is that they invest large amounts of money and effort to secure their clients. Thus consumers is "Considered A Hacking Gold Rush" for syndicate groups. Don't let it be you: Bookmark and share this webpage to promote a safer online buying experience.