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Why Are All Successful Micro Business Startups Cheaters?

Why Are All Successful Micro Business Startups Cheaters

Are you're in a toxic relationship with an entrepreneur that's always too busy for you?

Bluntly stated, All successful business startups are cheaters and their work related duties are perfect excuses for hiding their little indiscretions.

You're either in one of two critical situations:
  1. You know it but don't want to accept it.
  2. You don't have the slightest idea, but are slowly noticing telling signs.

Of course it's humiliating to be stuck in a lifeless relationship that's going Down-South.

So here you are searching the web for answers to the silent questions; that are silently gnawing your insides away.

Naturally there are Risks and Benefits:

In every business pursuit, which puts its dead-weight on every loving relationships.

Commonly the lover, spouse or family of the so called successful entrepreneur shoulders most of the burdens.

Sadly it's less frequently mentioned in their success stories.

When they're interviewed about their accomplishments, you often hear the gospel about their vanities and not the people who supported them.

Business ideas are often glamorized and most will tell you to follow your passion. Even successful singers, actors or athletes will shallowly tell you to follow your heart.

What They Don't Tell You:
  • The pressure associated with their careers: Deadlines, neglecting family, days spent away from home, or sleepless nights they have to endure; that comes with the entire package.
  • The willingness to sacrifice long-term romantic and family relationships, or indulge in unhealthy eating habits (junk food).
  • The fact that their kids are raised by nannies/strangers and even call them "mommy/daddy" instead, or that they live on energy drinks, etc.

However the real minutest details of exhausting hours, and burning of late-night oils are often hidden.

Which gives a false impressions to beginners, or someone romantically involved with one.

Why Are All Successful Home Business Startups Are Thieves!

Firstly you should understand the definition of a thief.

Which happens to be an individual who take someone else's property, or belongings illegally, or without the owner's permission.

On The Contrary:

The term can also be used metaphorically in a positive light. For instance when someone is drawing unexpected attention in an amazing, or outstanding way.

An Example Of Such Incidents Is "Stealing The Show"

It's very commonly used in the entertainment industry. Which is regarded as a superb context of the "word."

Hence the saying:"Practice makes Perrfect" source -unknown-
Stealing Someone's Heart On The Other Hand:

Is also regarded as something noteworthy. Unless you stole the wrong heart from a lethal/obsessed person.

This usually don't end well, since there's always threats, stalking or psychotic episodes to endure.

Which is something that obviously lead to even more dangerous consequences.

Keeping in mind that stealing can be done physically, emotionally, through electronic manipulation.

Here Are Ways How Successful Sole Entrepreneurs Steal From Family?

Especially in the beginning of their business undertaking.

You tend to be busier that ever before, because you're setting up your foundation, create products, research profusely, etc.

You carry the entire departments on your back, or with the help of skeleton staff.

And this part is either the making or breaking of your most intimate relationships.

1. Stealing Precious Time From Your Family

It's impossible to split yourself in many chunks. Besides there's only so much of you to go around.

You think of your new BUSINESS as a resource to solve your financial problems and assume your family understands.

In reality they're slowly suffocating through deprivation of your time; as a result they feel your absence, even if your office is in the next room.

This a very common with startups, since they don't have enough startup funds to outsource certain projects like: Billing, admin or sales and marketing projects.

They end up working extended hours as a sole employer and often forget that they need to spend time with their families.


Firstly focus on getting your family's support and don't just hop on the bandwagon; without having a amateur discussion with them.

Everybody has family relationships that also requires nourishment. So you should create your business plans around your loved ones needs.

A new business is an extra project that has to fit into your existing responsibilities.

Learn to effectively manage your time and use online technology to extend business reach faster.

If you're building an additional project to support your family better: Why risk lose them in the process of it?