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Is Free Web Hosting An Entry Level Option For A Profitable Blog?

Is free web hosting any good for business blogs
Is Free Web Hosting An Entry Level Option For A Profitable Blog?

Why wait till you have money if you're really that passionate? For those who don't know: A free web host is a computer server that keeps your website allowing visitors to access it online.

It's a good solution to start an online business from zero to launch; like this site that you're on. So, Why I Chose Blogspot hosted by Google above free WordPress?

The best hosting platform in my experience is Blogspot. Because it gives you the same earning opportunities, like any other paid version would provide.

While Byethost or WordPress On The Other Hand:

May be good from a designing point of view, or ready made plugins, or from a user friendliness perspective, but their earning potential is limited.

Which is a drawback, especially if you want to jump start a no capital startup. They're rather more positioned towards giving you consumers user-experience; which is excellent for a sales-attraction strategy. But doesn't really support zero budget startups much.

For instance:
  • Lists or review articles are prohibited on Byethost and they give you a limited disc space and narrow bandwidth. However they don't put their own business related adverts on your free blog.
  • on the other hand, places their own Ads on your blog, which makes it look even more undesirable. To add salt to the wounds, they don't allow Adsense on your free version.
  • Blogger also known as Blogspot from Google gives you large disc space, bandwidth and allow all kinds of money making opportunities. However their Templates (Themes) are outdated and it requires hard work to make it look appealing.

Regardless you should only use free hosting sites as stepping-stones, gradually improve and convert to a paid version later. Besides business is about growth and reaching your fullest potential; not stalling. Right?

You can register instantly on a free hosting provider like: Blogger from Google or

Why Should You Use A Free Hosting Site For Your Online Startup?

Ever been so hard pressed with cash that a free web hosting service is your only option?

Keep in mind that the cause of network threats or security weaknesses are always career criminals.

  • Burdensome financial problems can also be a powerful driver behind some employees/peoples actions.
  • However there's no excuse for stooping that slow. But Hey! Other folks can only take so much before bad choices looks like the best way forward.
  • As a solution: Free website hosting offer gives a glimmer of hope for zero capital startups. In the same breathe it affords undecided customers entry level user-experience.

I only understood what they meant when they said: "A man is as faithful as his options."

When my income status dwindled from something to nothing. As you can imagine I became a new number under the latest South African Unemployment statistics.

Luckily I did a Wealthy Affiliate course back in my golden days, when I still earned a steady monthly salary.

Don't really know what triggered your: Free website hosting Google search impulses.

But it could fall under the following reasons to start a free website:
  1. You're totally broke and looking for a way to improve your current situation.
  2. You're deeply indebted and try to find an extra source of income, without accumulating more web hosting bills.
  3. You're paddling hard to stay above waters with your low income, and financing your lifestyle feels like an upstream battle to keep your head above the ever-rising inflation waters.

If any of the above describes your current situation. This article will help you in one way or another.

How Is A Free Web Hosting Good For Zero Capital Startups?

It gives you a dedicated platform to write your first few articles. Content takes time, so why gather extra bills, especially in the beginning of your venture? Where you could easily avoid it, while you're finding your feet.

If you embark on an online business journey; you must have three things. And one of those things is the most crucial:

  1. A Blueprint Business Plan is your back-bone Because it's your map to get from A to B. It's also good to learn from people who succeeded before you.
  2. Dedicated effort: What good is a relationship without commitment? Or a map if you don't follow it. To gain traction on any given business-adventure, you need to take the necessary steps and Act on it.
  3. Internet Startup money isn't everything if you're prepared to put in the hours of hard-work. I must admit that with cash-flow you can reach your goal much faster, since you can outsource certain annoying tasks.
As An Entrepreneur You Must Overcome All Your Success Barriers:

So if you don't have the startup funds, you should be willing to do everything yourself. Like the book:

"Think and Grow Rich" from Napoleon Hill says: It's not money that makes money, instead it's work that transmutes into payment.

An example of such is like you pay someone to trimming your lawn, cleaning your house, washing your car, or do mundane tasks that you hate to do yourself.

The same principles applies to jobs: You get paid for solving operational or customer related problem.

Meaning we're selling our time and skills for payment. We don't pay to get employed, instead we pay Colleges/learning institutions to equip us, to become even more employable.

Step 1:

Create a blogging strategy related to some past working experience. It's always better to write about something you're fimiliar with.

People are searching the web for all kinds of solutions. Examples such as: Tech issues, recipes, tailoring, gardening, book keeping, web designing, building tents, surviving specific abuses, etc.

Step 2:

Don't rush you'll crush! Forget about money and create helpful content around solving specific issues. Remember, you can't earn without dedicated traffic.

So start by working on traffic first: Answer your markets; how to questionns in your articles. is a great place to get ideas of questions the average user may ask daily.

You may want to answer a few questions on the plaform, to overcome your stage fright and improve your writing skills.

The initial goal is to focus on your blog design, good content and get traffic. As people start visiting your blog, so will your confidence increase and certainty will grow.

Take your free webpage as a testing grounds, a college, or learning experience. By forgetting about money, your content will be more user-focused and shaped around pleasing your target markets's needs.

Step 3:

After 3 months as your traffic grow to 100's of daily visits. You can apply for Ads from Adsense Alternatives, because Adsense only accepts websites after 6 months of active blogging.

How To Get Faster Adsense Approval For Beginners?

You may want to register on platforms like Hubpages, which is a revenue sharing site.

Most people apply via them and get faster Google Adsense approval.

Don't under estimate them, they have many years search engine experience. Meaning they set high standards for good content strategies.

The Good News About Hubpages:

They're well-versed on the types of content that Google loves, thus they fussy on the articles you publish on their site. As a solution they also train you on how to write quality posts.

They have a large and helpful audience, which is good for building online relationships in advance.

They're totally free and many people makes hundreds of dollars on the site, without paying for hosting or domain cost.

The Bad News Of Hubpages:

They hate spam or poor quality articles, but offers you specific tutorials on how to write better. Which will only improve your online conduct, behaviour and principles.

They take a share of up to 40% of your Ads Or Amazon commission. Which is not bad at all, since they provide you with a high authority domain. Plus they offer you large volumes of traffic, all you have to do is write content and submit.

Your hubs (blogposts) exists on their platform and you rank under the hubpages domain.

What Is the Best Free Hosting Solution For You?

If you want your own website I recommend Blogger from Google. I previously wrote a Comparison between Blogspot and WordPress Hosting.

On the other hand if you want to first learn the marketing game, before going on your own, I suggest you try Hubpages.

Bottom Line:

If you're serious about building an online presence. Work with what you have and grow from there.

Don't create many free websites from several sources nd forget about them a few days later.

Only to start all over again in a few weeks when something inspired you, just to give up again.

Rather create a single resource, even if you use your name as a domain name. Don't over think it, rather treat it as a learning experience and create content around a skill, or work experience.

Instead of wasting time on finding a niche, target an industry/product. Or write about your call center multitasking skills, home security ideas, time management tips, good parenting solutions, etc.

Be consistent, write a post daily, weekly or monthly. But don't give up! This website that you're on a free hosting solution from blogger with a custom domain.