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An Easy Way To Sell Goods Online In South Africa And Earn Faster

How to sell goods online in South Africa
An Easy Way To Sell Goods Online In South Africa And Earn Faster

The most common challenge to successfully sell goods online in South Africa; is finding targeted traffic. Instead of wasting your efforts on uinterested visitors that got lost on the internet.

Attracting right volumes of ready-to-buy OR dedicated customers, completes up to 80% of your sales and marketing efforts.

This leaves you with two options. Well, apart from finding the most profitable niche products:

  1. Create your own website and traffic channels: I wouldn't recommend this if you're hoping to speed up the sales process, especially if you're a newcomer and these days savvy customers are looking for the safest way to buy online; which you might not be able to offer.
  2. Because there are just too much to learn, plus technical hindrances and operational requirements. It can turn out to be a nightmare and is the number one reason: Why most startups give up?
  3. Go to a well-known sites like: Amazon, Takealot, Bid or buy, eBay, Pricecheck, etc.
  4. Who already has large volumes dedicated buyers, simply waiting for you to upload your offers.
  5. Which I highly recommend since it removes all the draining back office tasks and burdensome monthly hosting expenses.

Most people tend to mistake online marketing with passivity.

While in reality it turns out to be much more demanding than they initially expected. Like any other business undertaking it requires dedicated action.

Hard work = Success: Meaning you won't get pretty far; even if you may have the best products available. Because ultimately you need a strong marketing reach and know-how.

Although it's somewhat easier than most offline business models. There are so many obstacles to overcome, time consuming tasks and regular effort required.

Compared it to a traditional brick and mortar model. Realistically speaking, it may be cheaper from a financial perspective.

While on the other hand it can also be much more demanding, unless you have an excellent strategy in place.

Web Success Are Naturally Measured By 4 Main Factors:
how to sell products online in South Africa
  • Price: Your price should accurately merge with your target markets spending limits. Unless you're targeting quality buyers, who are more technical inclined. Most importantly your prices should both benefit you and your markets budget.
  • Place: It's very important to position your business or products in the right place/category. It wouldn't make business-sense to sell clothing on a highway. Where a shopping mall would have been more feasible. Likewise online, people go to certain websites to fulfill specific needs.
  • People: You want to attract the right kinds of people. You don't want to attract outdoor lovers for homeware products. So targeting the right audience, keywords or online resource; heavily contributes to your success.
  • Promotion: If people don't know about your amazing products or understand how the features translates into advantages and benefits their needs. They will not buy it. There are also certain selling points that appeals to specific groups of people, more than others. Plus you need exposure to a lot of eyeballs, to make it fly.

How To Promote Your Online Products Effectively And Appeal To Your Audience?

The best advice would be to dart to the places on the web where specific groups of buyers go to. But it would do much, if you get there unprepared.

You should have done your home work in advance, in order to take full advantage.

In doing so you must listen, learn, understand and know: What are the common drivers behind your online-markets buying decisions.

1. Why Do People Buy Products On The Internet?

Generally speaking, we either buy products to fix specific problems, improve our current situations, fulfill basic desires, fit into social trends, because it triggered our emotional impulses, etc.

Other less obvious reasons are, maybe because it can only be bought online. Like for instance Computer Software, Smartphone Applications, Antivirus Software and so on.

But even if some items may be available offline, these days. Most people migrate to online:

Due to evolution, fear of the pandemic, crime, traffic congestion, long queues and other inconveniences.

People are resorting to online shopping, eCommerce and digital-solutions. Because buying from the comfort of your home is much more safer than physical trips.

2. What Problems Does Your Products Solve?

There are many problems that your customers may have and your product solves one of them.

The more you know about their immediate pains, discomforts and daily challenges.

The easier you can tie the loose ends, by speaking directly to their problem from an intimate level and connect it to your solution (product).

3. What makes your offers different from others?

Is it because it's discounted, quality, a trusted brand, a latest trend, a limited edition, etc.

In this space you should look at specific details that makes your customers tick.

Use what sets you apart as a platform to stand out and capture attention.

How do I sell things online in South Africa On A limited Budget?

Most people may recommend you setup a website, create an eCommerce on Shopify, and so on. Which is not bad advice at all, but I beg to differ.

Because apart for the time and money it takes to set it up.

The knowledge, maketing expertise, technical know-how and other operational efforts.

Makes it a better long-term solution and not really a medium or short-term undertaking.

It may also divert your attention to other new constraints.

Which may ultimately lead to failure, if you don't have the time, money and patients to endure.

It's good to go on your own after you've learned the ins and outs of marketing beforehand. Since it's the ulmitate driver of your business profit.

The Benefits Of Uploading Your Products On Trusted Brands Like Amazon

There are more than a few things that well-established Brands; examples such as Amazon, eBay, Takealot, or any affiliate offline resource can do for you.

They have many built-in marketing mechanisms that can lift you from zero to launch.

Here Are A Few Examples Of Marketing Advantages For Startups
  • They're already trusted by millions of customers and people. Considering the fact that we only buy from places we trust.
  • You can start earning sooner rather than later, see results and gain traction much faster. Taking in account that you're already exposed to a large pool of potential buyers. As oppose to waiting months or even years; for your website to gain trust and popularity.
  • Their visitors are ready-to-buy customers. Unlike random Google visits that ranges from information seekers, researchers, students and general browsers. Established eCommerce platforms usually invests in traffic from real customers with their purses, wallets and credit cards ready.
  • The Brand is responsible for maintenance, billing, content, administration and you only focus on the sales parts. Which saves you tons of time and money. As opposed to high expenditures on your own commercial website; to early in the startup process.
  • You get to sharpen you focus on the marketing aspect of your venture. Meaning you cut hours and cost on other departments. Such as hosting charges, security services and thus can convert much faster.
  • You get the leading advantage of seeing how everything fits together. Which will benefit you even more in the longrun, should you decide to build your own lucrative eCommerce site in the near future.
In Summary:

It's smarter for an inexperienced startup to first work for the industry he/she is looking to enter, thoroughly research it and look for loop-holes.

Simply test the waters, gain conviction, provide a better and meaningful service.

Besides it helps to complete up to 80% of your marketing research. As you see what people buy, what are their problems and how to do it better.

By selling on Amazon, eBay, Takealot or any established Brand; affords you industry experience. Plus you can start the learning process immediately - as soon as you begin; instead of waiting for a new website to rank..

On the other hand you get to Zoom In on your marketing game. One of the major barriers to the success of startups is taking on too many responsibilities; to soon in the learning experience.

With this approach you sharpen your sales and marketing skills; first. Build on it till you're confident enough and grow from there. Besides sales conversions are the soul of every revenue stream.

Cutting cost on liabilities, also contributes to your primary goal of generating a steady long-term income more rapidly. Considering that most startups are usually pressed financially in the beginning stages of their business pursuits.

To Sell Goods Online In South Africa you should realistically consider the economy, your capital, the lack of government assistance and avoid taking on additional credit.

In this regard you should work smart, focus on selling your products, save and invest for future growth.

The entrepreneur mindset will save you from dependency on a diminishing job market and becoming just another unemployed statistic.

To Sell Goods Online In South Africa benefits entrepreneurs beyond the obvious financial rewards. It makes you more powerful, independent, a natural business driver, a fore runner, an asset. Most importantly it enhances your lifestyle and those around you.