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Have You Ever Come Across Any These Symptoms Of A Computer Virus?

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Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Have You Ever Come Across Any Of These Symptoms Of A Computer Virus?

What are the symptoms of a computer virus infection? Common computer problems can fool you into believing that it's one thing, while in it turns out to be something totally different. The best way to hide PC viruses is in random errors.

A Simple "Internet Explorer Cannot Display Webpage"

From time-to-time, may result in a complete shutdown in the long-run. That's how cunningly Computer Viruses can slowly diminish your resources.

How Many Of Us Has Actually Seen A Disease?

Yes! You may see the symptoms but the actual biological organism is invisible to the naked eye.

The same applies to modern computer infections. You don't see the actual malicious code, but the technical signs may expose their presence.

Gone Are The Days Where You Can Down Play Technical Hiccups As A Common Error:

Which explain why they chose to name. Computer Viruses after the biological human infection.

Most often You don't know how you contracted it; or that it lives in your body for years.

Well in some rare cases you might have a vague idea, if you live an unhealthy lifestyle.

But ultimately you only understand or get to know the dangers after the damage is done. Don't let it happen on your computing device!

There Are Several Types And Stages Of Computer Infections, Like Human Diseases

Some are merely annoying, others are a bit more serious and the rest totally lethal. So dire that you'd rather invest all your resources to prevent it.

If you Practice Unsafe Online Behaviour you can contract it - But even if you play it safe, the virus might still affect your device/network.

Some viruses are highly contagious because it's in all the most unavoidable places. Accessing the wrong website, download a pdf, eBook, video, receive the wrong file, email, etc.

Would be all it takes for a malicious code to penetrate your system, create copies of itself and do what it was created for.

That's Why Your Computer Needs Antivirus Software

The quality of the protectionware depends on your online habits. For Example:

  • A person only browse the web and read email, can easily get away with an average protection software.
  • A moderate or intermediary user who does a bit more online, on certain days may need something equally effective.
  • While a regular user or online citizen, may need the Best Antivirus Software that merge with his/her digital habits.

Stages In A Computer Virus Lifetime

A malicious infection like a time or logic bomb can hide for days, months or years. Depending on the following factors:

  • The payload or purpose of the attack and how the code was written.
  • How often you use the internet, your activities and how the payload gets triggered.
  • The mixture or combination of harmful codes. Viruses can be mixed with other forms of malware like trojans, rootkits, etc.

Viruses Hiding In Common Computer Errors

The first few months the random errors may appear to be normal technical hiccups. It may not raise a red-flag at first.

The virus may get triggered or executed at specific times, when you perform certain online activities, access certain files, or when you open certain applications.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Computer Virus Infection?

Sometimes the below technical errors may happen days or weeks apart, and it wouldn't look like much.

It can also happen at specific hours, days of the week or dates of the month. The patterns designed to make it seem random or harmless.

Because in this way you wouldn't really take notice of how often it happens. Which makes it easier for you to brush it off as normal! Right? Does Any Of The Below Seem Familiar?

  1. Internet Explorer could not display the page:
  2. Random web-browser popup messages
  3. Internet browser freezes, is unresponsive or hangs
  4. Default homepage on your internet browser’s unexpectedly changed
  5. Redirect to unknown websites other than your intended destination
  6. Computer runs slower than usual:
  7. Computer freezes or hangs
  8. Unusually odd toolbars suddenly appear on your screen/browser
  9. Strange new icons appear on your device
  10. Desktop restart itself; not because of Windows Updates
  11. Alarming error messages: Notifications of missing, or corrupt files folders, or unexpected errors occurred.
  12. Access to your Control Panel, Task Manager, Registry Editor or Command Prompt are blocked
  13. Unable to access antivirus portals or security websites

Little by little it penetrates deeper and deeper, till it eventually damage your computer, disrupt your data or whatever it was sent to do.

What Is A Payload?

In simple terms it's the purpose it was created for, or what something does, or what it's used for.

Every virus is a tool or software used to a achieve a particular outcome. In most cases it's designed to harm devices, steal data/destroy it, or provide some backdoor access, etc.

As Mentioned Earlier Bear "Not all PC Viruses are Dangerous." But still how would you know which one you have?

Some Device Harmful Infections Are Merely Troublesome:

Regardless it will eat up space on your computer, which could have been used for something better.

Apart from that it will burden your online resources, which still affects your online operations in one way or another.

It's like a common cold, even if it's not deadly. It can give you a headache, create irritation or make you feel miserable

But even that is 10 times better, because you can easily identify the disease. As oppose to thinking it's just a cold, while it turns out to be the corona pandemic.

When it Comes to Computer Threats

You Can't Take Any Chances, because what if you misdiagnose it or brush it off as merely annoying.

While it turns out have a Password Sniffing or keyword stroke recorder payload.

The best precaution is prevention, instead of living with unidentified errors.

That's why you need Computer Security Programs to avoid worse outcomes.

For Every Good Software There Is A Similar Powered Bad One

That's why you should stay updated with the latest cybercrime tricks and network related attacks.

Before you protect yourself, you first have to know: What to protect yourself from?

Don't Leave Your Online Safety In The Hands Of Fate:

If you want to learn more about the growth and development of such threats. Be sure to "Bookmark" this website or add it under your favourites.

We keep this resource regularly updated with all kinds of cybercrime tricks and alerts; as they evolve.

Remember you don't have to always buy stuff that you can't afford. There are many free computer virus prevention software that are even better than some paid versions.

The only catch is that you have to know what to look for. But hey! That's why resources like this exist online, to do all the hard work for you!