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Can You Rank A Free Blogspot (Blogger) On Search Engines Easily Like A Paid Websites?


Can You Rank A Free Blogspot (Blogger) On Search Engines Easily Like A Paid Websites?

How to rank a blogspot on google? For those who don't know Blogger also known as blogspot from Google is one of the most popular blogging platforms.

In fact it's so famous that it was highly used by even the most notorious spammers; back in the day.

Ironically it's also one of the most secure free hosting services; which we'll further discuss in a bit.

(The next level of my case study is updated in the following post: How do You Qualify for AdSense on Blogger and rank my website; without link building on a brand new domain).

Today You're Going To Learn:
  • The Hidden Cyber Security Benefits of Free Blogger on Google Hosting Services.
  • Technical responsibilities of maintaining a well-ranking and trustworthy Blogspot.
  • What makes A Free Blogger Better Than Free WordPress.
  • The Pros And Cons of ranking Blogger versus WordPress Sites.

The fact that unpaid web hosting offers are open to the public: There'll always be someone trying to use it unethically. Thanks to Google Panda updates that regulate suspicious webpages.

Additional Learning Resources

However bad practices makes it increasingly difficult for serious startups, to establish a reputable online presence; with free web hosting services.

Unless you learn how to creatively merge skepticism into admiration. That's exactly what this post will teach you.

If you just joined us, this is an update of Best Free Website Hosting- Case Study 1.

It's very important to plan every step of your journey, prior to taking off. Besides every undertaking starts in the mind, before it materializes into reality.

How To Rank A Blogspot On Google?

Unpaid Web Hosting Strengths versus Weaknesses. Is a process where you calculate all your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; without prejudice/shame.

To choose the most feasible route to success.

This is where you want to look at threats of Any preconceived opinions, facts or feelings; whether positive or negative.

For example: People may be skeptical or biased of unpaid domain extensions on free hosting and generally regard them as petty.

Accepting this in advance can help you to figure out ways to change that weakness, in your favour. By perhaps registering a paid domain with your free plan.

So Why Did I Choose Difficult Blogspot Over Easy Free WordPress?

Despite manual technical effort required. Ironically, it's also one of the most lucrative and safest obligation free hosting platforms.

I must admit that blogger don't support third party developers, plugins or software.

Regardless, the same software restrictions builds up the overall security benefits.

Especially now when websites get compromised, malware injected, hacked and even maliciously disrupted.

The Best Benefits Of Blogger (Blogspot) Is Google Secure Hosting

Let's face it, Google has many successful years of search engine experience, robust infrastructure to rapidly process data and cybersecurity resources.

For some insightful reason they choose less people involved on their Developers platform.

Which logically decreases the risks of software conflicts, technical disruptions, internal data leaks and hacking loopholes.

On the flip side: The more third party vendors involved on a private resource. The more it's open to other potential shortcomings, leaks, security flaws, etc.

Could that be the reason: Why you hear more WordPress websites getting violated, as oppose Blogspots.

Blogspot Compared WordPress Security:

Is like the vulnerability of Microsoft Windows to viruses, Compared to the robust nature of Linux Systems. Which is almost immune, unless the infection finds root access.

As a result you have to continuously buy the latest Antivirus Programs to equip your Windows OS for malware threats; as they flood the web.

On the other hand Linux Systems may not be as convenient when it comes to available application or freedom. But that same restrictions make it safer and limits intruding software.

That's how I see Blogspot versus WordPress: One is built with long-term endurance.

While the other is designed for speed, simplicity and easy accessibility. But also for upselling extra software or plugins.

Regardless WordPress is still very useful and more flexible that Blogger.

Although Blogspot is the most profitable of the two: Because you get more option to make money than any other free website. Which is highly rewarding for zero to low capital startups.

Google Free Website Hosting - Pros And Cons

There are may ways to make the best out of a free website and hosting opportunity.

But you have to consider all the threats, work in the parameters of restrictions of service, to capitalize on potential opportunities.

Think of it as a stepping stone, not an ultimate solution. Always improve your resource going forward. Don't be scared to investing some money in it in the long run.

Turn Negatives Into Positives:

No matter how impressive a product/relationship may be, there are always Good and Bad in everything.

The more honestly you think it through, the more you swing in the direction of the most profitable outcome.

1st Problem: Most people view free websites with skepticism, you can't blame them. The cybercrime rates is more than statistics.

Thus a free domain name extensions and hosting to match; is generally considered a red flag or untrustworthy.

I mean if you're scared to invest in your dream, how can you expect other to do it for you. Is what most would think

Solution: Overcome this by registering a custom domain with your free hosting service from Google.

Earn your visitors trust; by CSS styles and markup language to beautifully design your free blogger. In a more presentable and professional appearance.

Allow your site's beauty and user-friendliness, to speak for itself.

2nd Problem: Blogger don't have many desirable free templates, like WordPress and plugins to automate your setup.

Solution: This is the part where you have to put your learning cap on. You really want to make a good impression, keep momentum and attract visitors.

Fortunately, there are many free pdf files online dedicated to educate users to master blogger's complex Content Management System (CMS), HTML plus JavaScript and coding language requirement s.

3rd Problem: SEO Best Practices on blogspot is more technical in nature, compared to the automation of WordPress plugins.

Meaning you have to really get in there to edit the HTML and manually change/add certain codes; in order to improve your on-page SEO.

For Example:

Post Links: A url to a particular blog post, will look something like this:


Which look somewhat unprofessional for visitors and is totally bad for SEO. Search Engines general prefer shorter links.

Unlike WordPress where you can easily change it on your convenient and the Famous Control Panel (cPanel); into the below:


Solution: Access your blogger dashboard, select themes, click custom design, choose edit html and paste a JavaScript to remove - date and .html from your article.

As you can gather by the above, it's a somewhat tedious task and requires technical effort; as oppose to simply clicking a button.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Removing Date And HTML from Blogspot Articles

The Risks: It's better to create your blogger from the scratch with all the relevant details.

It's annoying for an older blog to suddenly lose traffic, because of implementing the changes later, when you already had traffic pouring in.

If you do it later in the process, you lose all the previous traffic, indexing and old link juice.

Because in one way or another the link identification or url changed.

Long-term On-Page SEO Benefits

In the long run it will improve your future Search Engine Optimization strategy and on-page SEO.

That's why planning in advance is even more important than acting too fast.

How I Rank A Free Blogspot Best Practices?

  1. The Best Way Forward Is to start your site with a free domain. But buy a custom domain as soon as possible; to increase and maintain your domain age.
  2. Free Google Hosting For Life: One of the top benefits of Google Hosting is they allow you to host a custom domain on free hosting.
Have you ever admired someone for their creativity?

Transfer that energy to your audiences. You can creatively Equip your audience with actionable content, inspire them with case studies, or make them fall in love with you helpful disposition.

You know what I'm talking about! The kind of experiences you get when watching programs like "Americans Got Talent." Situations where ordinary people like you, does amazing things.

1st Few Challenges:
  • Design a search engine friendly blog that meets your target markets demands.
  • Create content that solves specific problems and include tools that makes their daily tasks easier.
  • Increase visibility with a clean design and make easy on the eye.
  • Good customer experiences evokes emotions and people always remember feelings.

The best approach to rank a Blogger well, on search engines is to include technical SEO requirements beforehand.

Digestible content formats, relevant blog architecture and useful tools, are good ideas to improve visitor experiences.

2nd Challenges:
  • Create a dedicated strategy for organic search traffic.
  • Find less competitive keywords to easily rank for.
  • Create content and cleverly build internal links, with increasing click-through rates in mind.

Specific content always wins over generic information, thus I plan to create this blog for a specific customer.

Best Blogger Ranking Strategy

This is where I have to get real smart by using the service gaps online; to my advantage.

Forget about making money; for now. Although I have an idea what would best sell in my chosen niche.

Traffic comes first, because it's the actual online currency. You need visitors to promote your ideas/products to; not the other way around.

Sneak preview of my next update
  • How do I get my blog to easily rank on Google?
  • What should you write in your first blog post?
  • How do you write a converting good blog title?

I always used WordPress and I'm really looking forward to the Challenge of figuring out: How to rank a blogspot on google. My next update on Best Free Website Hosting - Case Study will include all my progress, tools, methods and hopefully traffic data.

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