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Customer Care Job Scams? (Human-trafficking)

Credit: Anna Tarazevich from Pexels
Customer Care Job Scams?(Human-trafficking)

Customer care job scams are widespread especially now during this trying times. Feeding off the desperation of honest job seekers, is their common game. Can you imagine how many innocent girls went missing after going for a job interview?

This is the "Gold Rush" period for human traffickers and cybercriminals to hide their cruel-intentions behind reputable brand names.

Job Scammer List
Share this immediately to raise awareness of human trafficking bait. A simple Ad like this distributes many new victims to Syndicate Groups.

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The Latest Customer Care Job Scam

No Experience, high paying salaries, many available positions, hidden behind Well-known Brand Names. Sounds familiar?

Why does criminals parasite on reputable brand names?

  1. By using a popular business names they instantly attract attention, trigger your impulses and win your trust.
  2. They're opportunistic and criminal intentions gains traction on the high unemployment rates and desperation of job seekers.
  3. Everybody wants some form of stability and that is usually offered by good companies. So using their well-known brands names on suspicious platforms, is all they need to gain your trust and mislead you further down the rabbit hole.

Take This Fake Game Store Customer Care Job Scam Listing For Example:


Customer care job scam listing example

Don't you think it's a bit too welcoming for all? No specific requirements, skills or education criteria.

Realistically speaking; Professional job Ads has quite a few telling traits.

Tit for tat, they would require a certain level of skills or amount of basic requirements.

Their listing wouldn't sound "so cheesy" and separate. I mean there are so many unemployed qualified cashiers, especially after the lock-down.

Why would they want to exhaust their already strained resources, to hire a high amount of "inexperienced staff."

Common Traits Of Hoax Job Ads Placed By Syndicate Groups:

They tend to violate proprietary business intellectual property: By fraudulently using good brand names, to earn their victims trust.

There are also dangers relating to untrustworthy platforms, therefore you should learn to identify secure employment listing websites.

The Ad is too good to be true: 100 cashiers, R6000 monthly which would make any inexperienced matriculant impulsively jump for it .

"No Experience Required": May be a bit too superficial for experienced job seekers. But it would definitely attract inexperienced youth.

No Educational Requirements: Now if this were from "Game Store" I'm sure they respect their customers enough, to make sure they recruit competent employees.

100 Cashiers Wanted At Game Store Immediately: Is The Ad Legit Or A Hoax?

When I first stumbled upon the trending "cashier job Ad" on the internet. It raised a red-flag and my first instinct was to warn others, especially desperate and inexperienced youth.

The next thing I did was try to inform Game of this Job Ad making it's rounds on the "Reputable Brand Name."

Sent it to Google to report the gmail account used maliciously: attached to it.

Shared it with my friends and family to avoid our "Daughters" going in for a job to never return.

1. Professional Business Email Address:

Genuine brands would use their professional email account or online application forms.

It's very unlikely for a well-versed company to use "gmail" or free email addresses.

Companies are increasingly becoming more concerned of fraud, cybersecurity threats and spam.

Free email accounts are less secure, offered to public citizens, they regarded as unprofessional and used personal accounts.

2. Brands Usually Advertise On Trusted Websites:

Job portals are actual businesses and some are more trustworthy than others. The best ones usually verify their clients, do background checks or visit their premises.

Other related posts:

Examples Of A Few Are: PNET, Careers24, Bestjobs, Career Juction, their business portals or websites.

They're not necessarily the cheapest but they're trustworthy and most often has professional sales representatives.

3. They Usually Have A Qualifying Criteria:

Organizations hates high volumes of irrelevant or unsuitable applications.

They would hate to work through oceans of spam and that's why they place specific Ads.

Who wants to be bombarded with CVs from "everybody." Unless you're a scammer, human trafficker or identity fraudster.

If you're interest is in high-volumes of ignorant or unexpecting victims. You would place Ads like "100 position, no experience, R6000, etc."

Hoax Job Offer Are Commonly Used As Bait To Attract Victims

If a job posting is too Good to be true, like this one. I strongly urge you to avoid it, warn your friend and family.

But ask yourself the following questions:
  • Would your inexperienced sister/daughter/relatives be able to distinguish a hoax job Ad from legit?
  • Would a struggling matriculant, desperate for employment and/or experience be able to resist such scam offers?
  • How many innocent kids fall victim to human trafficking, especially now more then ever before?
  • Do you know how many unemployed people have loans on their names, are already married or own accounts they don't know about?
Why Should You Share This Article With Love Ones?

Someone could be invited for an interview from a hoax or job posting used as bait. Potentially the same one!

You could potentially save their lives or at least teach them to avoid such threats in the future should they stumble upon it.

Meaning you are closing the loop-holes of ignorance, which syndicate groups and scammers thrive on.

Why Would A Professional Company like Game Store?

Use a free email account: If one of their staff members use a free email, than I suggest they use their business email and contact details and name.

Game Is A Professional Brand: I'm sure if this was from them there would be some form of: Job requirements, experience or educational level.

What About Shortlisting: The last time I checked:

  • Companies tend to shortlist.
  • Try to avoid flooding their server with "CVs of the public." If they did who is going to manage the Workload?
  • Well unless you're a creepy person looking to ambush all the "girls" that comes in to your "so called interviews."
  • Or unless you're hoping to mine as much personal information to sell it on the "Dark Web." There are many cases where women are married to immigrants they never met before or people wake up to "loan prepayments" they never applied for.
  • .
Please Share This Article With Loved Ones:

Your family, friends or colleagues may have been exposed to this Ad. They may send their CVs to predators, criminals or human traffickers.

Cybercrime stats, Human trafficking and all kinds of attacks are rife.

As we speak there are people who went into interviews and never return, people who got scammed out of fly by night recruiters, people who got robbed and even worse cases that never get published.

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