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What Is A VLAN And How It Saves You Money On Extra Networking Equipment?


What Is A VLAN And How It Saves You Money On Extra Networking Equipment?

What is VLAN? Wouldn't mean much to you even if I let the cat out of the bag. But I may trigger an impulse if I mention the benefits of: Secure information transfer rates, faster speeds and smoother user experiences.

But let me start by getting the definition out of the way. By explaining all the advantages

That comes with a Virtual Local Area Network and how it divides a physical network into many dedicated assignments.

Other Internet Security Terms and definitions that you should know!
Do You Know Why?

Because you can't really see the true benefits, unless You understand the problems of the old network setup of Local Area Networks.

And also the financial implications, technical hindrances, complications and security weaknesses of it. Right?

What Is A LAN?

It's an interconnected group of computer systems in the same area. For example your home wireless computer network.

What is VLAN?

Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Known As A Virtual LAN is an advancement of traditional LAN limitations, to really appreciate its benefits.

I will briefly give a before AND after perspective. How complicated things were before its birth is a technical nightmare.

What Are the 5 Types of VLANs?

The 5 popular VLANs depending on your project requirements are as follows:

  • Default VLAN
  • Data VLAN
  • Voice VLAN
  • Native VLAN
  • Management VLAN

Why is VLANs used?

The problems that it Solves are Many. In the dark ages when a business had many departments; examples such as: Sales, Technical Support, Billing, Marketing, etc.

  • Each department had to be allocated its own departmental LAN network. Plus it's own hosts, printers, domains, internet connections and other extension devices.
  • As you can imagine or measure it by your needs. This setup was very expensive, complicated, time-consuming, required additional hardware, support, etc.
  • For instance; 5 Different Local Area Networks required 5 Different hosts in the past. VLANs solved the difficult setup, time hungry AND financial exhausting problem.
Everything Cleverly Prioritized on One Network With Separate Domains :

Imagine all your computing devices rapidly transfer information or files and cross communicate with such speed and efficiency; as if they're connected to a single network.

Don't we all need faster internet, less technical configurations, one-size-fits all solutions and convenience?

It removed the problems of multiple broadcasting domains for the same LAN.

Through smart security segmentation on the same physical network, instead of many competing networks and supporting hardware.

How Much Does A Virtual Network Cost?

  • A VLAN setup is not expensive and not free either. But in saves you a lot of fatal technical problems, time and after sales cost.
  • Technically, the traditional configuration of multiple LANs for each department, obviously required special knowledge, expertise, and headaches; as previously mentioned.
  • Fast forward to Virtual Networking; you have all your departments in a local are on a single network. Cleverly structured in dedicated ports, names and domains.
  • The benefits are overwhelming because it promotes efficiency, a one stop solution, easier traffic monitoring/fault finding, smoother operation; on minimal resources.

How Does VLANs Works?

A Virtual Local Area Network reduces your company cost by logically directing each LAN (Department Traffic) into separate dedicated domains on the same network.

So instead of the extra LANs, hosting cost, different networks, additional hardware and mundane technical setups.

A single network and host can be configured and cleverly divided (segmented) into unique/different broadcast domains (VLANs).

Are VLANs Secure?

Considering the fact that VLANs a logical grouping of network and computing gadgets.

It saves energy/data resources by reducing unorganized broadcasting traffic to irrelevant segments.

Meaning everything flows in a more constructive order to properly implement your firewall security policies.

By default your networks performance increases, traffic surveillance becomes easy, bandwidth availability and service levels improves.

In other words it improves your experience, throughput, output and network security.

How VLANs Are Created?

In order to create a VLAN networks segmentations. You login to Telnet you can pretty much use any switch and create dedicated parameters for your different departments/LANs.

Enter name, domain and allocated ports, any assignment will by default become part of your Virtual Network.

What Is The Main Purpose Of VLAN?

Flexible, simplicity, convenience and solving technical problems that once plagued large computer networks.

VLANs also eliminates issues of traffic collisions, and data conflict on Computer network and prioritizes physical connection to specific ports.

What Is VLAN And Its Advantages?

As we can recap on the above:

VLANs gives you many networking advantages.

A few of such are less administration duties, logical and grouped classes of broadcast domains. Reduced suspicious/irrelevant broadcast traffic and more efficient implementation of your security policies.